Monday, October 24, 2011



We see the world divided—“Us” and “Them”.
It is the “Us” that stands illumined in the sunshine.
Darkness is not what we are about.
Darkness is left for “Them”.

We rage and fight, conquer and destroy,
In the belief that All should be “Us”.
We believe that force is necessary for conversion,
But force usually only brings resentment.

Throw off the shackles of light and dark!
They are the tools of bitterness and slavery.
Understand that All contain sun and shadow.
Life can only flow by allowing both.

We are not “Us” and “Them”.
We are All. We are One.
It is only when we see “Them” as “Us” will we have peace.
It is only when we see “Them” as “Us” will we be One.

            ~Cindy Shippy Evans 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Power of Asking Questions

Do you want more power in your life? Do you want to put your creativity to use to learn and grow? You have the power! It all begins with asking new questions! There is a reason the Bible says "Ask and ye shall receive."

Think about this: when you don't ask any questions you believe you already have the answers. If you have the answers, do you need anything else? Answers are conclusions, and conclusions are final. When you come to a conclusion, what you do in effect is stop the flow of energy in your life! You turn your back on life's possibilities and don't allow new things to come in! It's that simple.

Begin your journey of empowerment today! Ask new questions! The doors this simple act opens will amaze you and change your life in very powerful ways.