Saturday, June 30, 2012

Time To Wake Up To the Corruption and Free Ourselves!!

Folks, I am so riled right now I cannot even stand it! Articles like this (link here) and this (link here) are considered front page NEWS! Enough already!!! I'm sorry that Tom and Katie are finally splitting up, but the only thing articles like this do is take you into their personal drama and distract you from what is really going on in the world!

Are you working at a job you don't care for, earning just enough money to squeak by? Does it seem you are working harder and harder for less money? Do you have time to pursue your hopes? Your dreams? Your talents and skills? Or is life just one endless treadmill? Are you happy?

I guess what pisses me off the most is the fact that I know our slavery to this system has all been planned out in advance by people who think they are better than us! They have done such a good job of subtly corrupting the system the vast majority of people do not even know they have been enslaved!!! There are many people who still believe our leaders are really trying to straighten this economy out and help us! Don't kid yourselves! The signs are there if you would only take the time to open up your eyes and pay attention to the more subtle things around you!

In my estimation, some of the biggest news stories out there are the ones covering the corruption of the Barclays Group, a UK financial conglomerate. They have been publicly caught fixing interest rates to benefit themselves, and this illegal price fixing has been linked to other banks as well both in Europe and the US! The evidence seems to suggest the CEO, Bob Diamond, knew about the problem and ignored it, but is not willing to step down! To date, the only problems the company has had as a result is a fine ($233 million equivalent in European funds--a drop on the bucket from what they have actually made on it in profits) and no one has been forced to resign let alone been charged criminally! 

I could go on, but you get the idea!

The Tip of the Iceberg

This is just the beginning. The rabbit hole goes much, much deeper! Hints and whispers have been floating around about US bank involvement, including Citigroup (New Nightmare On Wall Street? US Banks Face Criminal Probe Into Global Interest-Rate Fixing Scheme). Interestingly enough, when I first began tracking this story, I read the names of at least four major US banks that were possibly involved. At this point in time, I can only find one that actually names the names (and this article will probably "lose" the names soon as well). (And Now, banks in LIBOR Fixing Scandal) I know I read them in other articles the past two days, but I can't find a trace of them now. Coincidence?

Think about it. The scandal involves banks fixing interest rates that We the People ultimately pay to them for loans on things we want to purchase, like homes. Housing bubble. Foreclosure. Rate-fixing. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put together the facts, people! We are being purposely screwed!!!

I know this is quite the negative posting today, but it does not have to be. Why, you ask? Because WE have the power to change things! We can expose such corruption! We can create the situations we need to take the criminals out of power and lock them up so we can be free! We don't need the mainstream media!!! We can get the world out ourselves--through email and social media. Send out links to the corruption articles! They are easy to find! Put them in the forefronts of everyone's mind, and offer the solutions to fix the problems (like criminal prosecution and prison time!)!!!

It is our thoughts alone that stand in the way of our freedom! Can you picture it? Don't buy the belief the bankers and politicians can't be put into prison! That is their (the bankers and politicians) belief that they have managed to infiltrate your mind with! It does not have to be your belief! On the day our thought processes change, we will bring about our own personal freedom! 
Namaste! My friends! The light of freedom comes!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Great Cleansing

My life has been nothing but craziness since the 5th of June! Looking to the signs in the skies (beginning with the transit of Venus across the sun), I was anticipating extraordinary change. I just didn't anticipate the form that change would take. On that day, I began to feel such a heavy sense of depression it became difficult for me to shake. I did wonder at the time if I was just tuning in to the mass consciousness of humanity (which I believe I was). However, the idea was not enough for me to shake the doubts and feelings of impending doom. There have also been times during the past several weeks when I felt like I wanted to rip someone's (anyone's) head off. Those of you who know me know I am not a violent person. The thing is, I could not associate these feelings with any normal hormonal changes (something I have learned to do over the years).

Then, all this stuff came down with my daughter losing it and being arrested. Not having any experience with myself or family members being in legal trouble before, this whole episode has been both overwhelming and intimidating for me. I can also see similar things happening to other people I know. In my search for enlightenment, the big question I have asked is, "Why?" The information that has come forth has been quite astounding.

For me personally, I have had a very co-dependent relationship with my bipolar daughter. I have hidden a great deal from myself and the world in my attempt to "normalize" her--to smooth her path and help her fit in. Unfortunately, I have failed to take the steps necessary to get her to a place where she can actually take responsibility for herself. Some of it was pure stubbornness. Some of it was anger at a world that causes many of these problems in the first place and then locks a person away for not fitting in. It is time for me to face every aspect of this problem so that I can deal with it and be free of all those things I have allowed to bind me. It is time for me to cleanse. It is time for me to heal.

As I look around at the world, I see the same thing happening in the lives of many of those around me. Darkness and chains are being exposed at a rapid rate. It is my belief this needs to happen in order for us to be fully free.

I do believe the larger world is being cleansed of the dark powers that have worked to enslave the whole of humanity for centuries. However, the real cleansing that needs to happen lies within. All our hidden darkness--our anger, our pain, our egos--need to be exposed so they no longer have the power to enslave us. It is this power our leaders have used to our disadvantage.

We are in the middle of the Great Cleansing! Allow your light to expose your darkness to let the healing begin!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Confronting the Shadow

I've written in some depth on the blogosphere about my adventures with my bipolar daughter. The truth is, in all the years and with all the methods I've used to deal with her issues, healing is no closer than it was when I first started. I guess I've always focused on the "solution" (future) instead of focusing on the experience (present). For the first time, I am aware of what it means to confront the shadow.

Let me give you a brief synopsis of what has taken place in recent weeks. I believe my daughter is going through a manic phase. Unfortunately for us, this often involves severe outbursts of impulsive anger that seems to feed on itself. I have been walking on eggshells for fear of setting her off. This has progressed to the point where she seems to be imagining certain events taking place that never actually happened. For example, she accused my husband of sitting down and eating a bowl of doritos that day and then fiercely insisting he was a liar and verbally assaulting him.

Last night, the situation got way out of hand. She did not eat the dinner I had prepared before my shift at work. My husband came home and threw what was left away when he was cleaning the kitchen. When I got home after my four hour shift, my daughter decided she was hungry and went ballistic when she discovered her stepfather had thrown what was left away. She started verbally assaulting him. He lost it and began egging her on. Long story short, he began calling the police. She got desperately impulsive and pulled out a knife. (Yes, in that order.) She ended up being arrested and hauled off to jail. My husband went to stay with his folks.

As I sit here alone in my house, I am surrounded by the shadow--my daughter's, my husband's and my own. From the silence I hear words of counsel from the voice of the shadow itself. "Do not deny my existence. I do not come to bring accusation, blame or shame. I come to bring richness of experience--a depth you have yet to know and appreciate. I come to bring integration and healing. I come for peace. And love. And wholeness. And oneness. Be willing to embrace me. I am part of you--a part of all of existence. It is only by embracing me...experiencing me...allowing me in that I can heal all the emptiness inside of you. Oneness and wholeness are only achieved when you are willing to integrate me within."

Confronting the shadow is not about fighting it or overcoming it. It is about opening yourself up to the depths of experience it contains and making it a beloved friend. You cannot run from the shadow because the shadow is indeed you! Sit with it...and allow the healing to enter in.

Friday, June 1, 2012

What It Means To Be Free

I woke up thinking about freedom and what it really means, which means my brain was probably working overtime on it while I slept last night. Yesterday evening, I had listened to maybe an hour and a half's worth of a talk given by a guy named David Meola from Freedom Reigns radio who discusses topics related to the Constitution. He is actually on for three hours (you can listen here), but he said so much in the hour and a half I listened my head felt like it was about to explode from all the new information!

What stood out was this: If most people understood what it means to be free they would not know how to deal with all that freedom. David said it several times as I listened, and every time he made a new point my head reeled with how correct he was. As I have been learning about various types of law from a few different sources lately, what David said made sense to me.

I had already learned the United States of America was founded under the principles of Common Law. The principles behind Common Law are quite simple. If no one has been hurt and/or no property destroyed, there has been no crime. If there is harm, restitution must be made. This began to change after the Civil War in February of 1871 when the United States government technically became a corporate entity with an law entitled An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia. Over time it has been modified and added to, but because the country was now considered a corporate entity it was placed under the jurisdiction of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), also known as Admiralty or Maritime Law. UCC is the type of law used between commercial entities (can apply to countries) to solve disputes involving trade between commerce (kings) and/or trade (merchants). UCC is all about money and profit. It seems like a subtle change, but this is where the false thinking begins.

Look at some of our original founding documents: the Declaration, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. They are quite simply written, logical and easy to understand. Look at the bills that come before Congress now--monstrosities of hundreds if not thousands of pages of legalese full of subtle details and pork barrel spending. It brings to mind a now-famous Nancy Pelosi quote, "We have to pass the bill so we know what's in it!" Really?!!! Shouldn't we understand something before we make it into law? It has been said, we now have so many laws in this country most people could probably be brought up on felony charges without even realizing they have broken any laws!!!

What stands out most to me about what David said in his talk? That we, as individuals, are also corporate entities and as such we are obligated to follow UCC! How so, you ask? At the time of our births, our mothers or fathers fill out the state forms which begin the process of registering us in the system. This is called a birth certificate. Social security numbers also engage us in this system. Even though we have not personally obligated ourselves at this point, our parents have made us part of the system because they are told they will benefit from it (think tax exemptions).

This all changes when we turn eighteen. Anything we sign (for example, our drivers license, voter registration card, marriage license, etc.) after that age puts us into legal contract. In effect, we are agreeing to abide by UCC, and we don't even understand we are doing it! This is why the Amish cannot be arrested like the rest of us! They don't sign any of that crap! They can be charged under Common Law if they have done something that harms another person or property. Then they make restitution and are free to go! (Obviously, something like murder wouldn't be that easy, but when was the last time an Amish person murdered someone?) This is also why they do not have to pay federal income tax! (Don't let this fool you into thinking you can easily get out of paying your income taxes by declaring yourself to be free of the UCC! It is a complicated legal process that you actually have to go through to extricate yourself from the system!)

What was I thinking when I woke up this morning? I wondered what it would be like to not have (or need) a drivers license. To travel and explore the world freely. To not have to pay income taxes. To be mindful of my actions so as to ensure that no one else (nor their property) was harmed by me.

Real freedom is the ability to make your own choices, but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility. Are we truly ready to make decisions that will benefit the whole of humanity and not harm it, for this is what it means to be free.