Friday, May 25, 2012

A Message To Teaparty and Other Conservatives

I love the idea of the free market. The ability to produce products and services for those who need them not only generates income but also allows us to use our creativity and imagination! A well run free market is expansive and evolving and it encourages real job growth. What we have in America is not a free market, nor has it been for many, many years!

Let's look at the facts. Our economy is not any closer to being fixed than it was when Obama took over in 2008. I know. You want to blame our continuing problems on the President and his failed policies (him being a liberal Democrat and all). Even before Obama took over (under George W.), we were bailing out banks that were "too big too fail". The thought behind it was if those big banks failed, our whole system would fail. It brought to mind everyone losing their jobs and the whole world coming to an end.

The next logical question is, how has bailing out the big banks improved our economy? Short answer: it hasn't! We have had record numbers of home foreclosures, record numbers of unemployment (that they desperately try to cover up playing with the stats), and record numbers of people on food stamps. The job growth we so desperately seek does not come from further indebting ourselves to the big banks. The idea here has been to allow the banks to infuse loans into the economy to keep our businesses afloat. However, the Fed has been paying banks interest to sit on the money! Not only that, but now the Fed has made it their business to infuse money into the European Union (aka European banks and the Euro) in order to assist their economies! As if we don't have enough problems with our own economy! Logically speaking, if you aren't able to assist yourself, how can you have the strength to help others?

In a true free market, the government does not supply corporate welfare to keep certain businesses afloat. In a free market, businesses are allowed to die a natural death if those running them make poor decisions in their operation. (Think derivatives market! Do your own research. Derivatives are nothing more than a high stakes ponzi scheme where the last entity holding the bag loses! There are many other questionable practices if you take the time to do the research!)

In a free market, laws are not passed to limit the progress of small businesses in favor of already wealthy corporations. The free market is meant to be competitive! If poor business practices and inferior products destroy a company, so much the better! If their ethics are such they have to pay the government to pass laws that stamp out the competition, we do not need their products (or the jobs they supply). After all, we also end up having to purchase such inferior products!

Need an example of what I am talking about? Big Pharma (who supplies most of the top executives in the FDA) has managed to get laws passed saying it is illegal for supplement manufacturers or food producers to make any sort of health claims associated with their products, even when the health claims are completely true and scientifically backed!!! Stinks for the consumer and the small business, but it works really well for Big Pharma, who rakes in big bucks from consumers who aren't allowed to know a much cheaper supplement can cure their condition. (Think of the ramifications this has for healthcare/health insurance as far as cost! We have the most expensive medical care in the world--and it doesn't have to be that way!!!)

Deep down, we all know the system needs to change. At this point, I truly believe economic collapse is best because our system has become so corrupt it will never change if we continue to infuse it with more money (otherwise known as the blood, sweat and tears of the American people).

You also need to decide who you are standing up to. The Fed, big banks, corporations and their paid for politicians would all have you believe you are fighting your fellow Americans. You may know them as the Occupy Movement. The Occupy Movement is not your enemy!!! They have at least identified who the real problems are--the bankers and the big corporations. They are not against you! They are against the rhetoric that justifies the continuation of our economy as it is!

It is time to stop fighting among ourselves and unite in a common purpose: weeding out the corruption that dries up our jobs, our incomes, our creativity and our freedoms!

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