Wednesday, August 24, 2011

YOU Are a Powerful Creator!

YOU are a powerful creator! Did you know? You don't feel powerful? Sometimes, you even feel powerless? I'm here to reassure you! YOU are a creator--a very powerful one at that! How do I know? I know because you are a human, and as a human you have been given the ability to choose. Creation is the direct result of choosing which path to follow at any given moment.

Why do we occasionally feel powerless? There are times we choose to give our power away to others. Why would anyone in their right mind choose to give their power away? Quite often, we give our power away out of apathy or ignorance. There are certain choices in our lives that we just don't care enough about. Consequently, we let others make the decisions. (Think politics as an example.) More often, our own ignorance keeps us from understanding that we really can make a choice. If you believe change can't happen because this is the way it has always been, you are choosing out of ignorance.

Look at Martin Luther King, Jr. and the other leaders of the American Civil Rights Movement. They grew up with discrimination as part of their everyday lives in the American south. Separation was the norm for people of different races. They knew is wasn't right! They knew it wasn't fair! Instead of believing it had to be that way, these brave men and women chose to stand united against the inequality! They chose the possibility of injury or death to bring justice back into balance! They created the change they wanted to see--all through the choices they made!

All the circumstances of your life at present are the results of choices you have made in the past. Some of these choices may have been as simple as what music to listen to or which friends you hung out with. They may have been big choices like who to marry or which job to take. All choices lead somewhere.

You don't have to stand on the sidelines of your own life waiting for things to just happen to you! No job? Been looking for months? Choose to do something different! Assess the needs of your community. Assess your talents and skills. What can YOU offer that will be a much needed fit? Lonely? Want a serious relationship? Get out of the house! Volunteer! Develop a new skill or hobby that will bring new passion into your life. By focusing on helping others and improving yourself you are choosing to bring new things into your life, and other people will inevitably be a part of that!

Challenge yourself to become the creator you were meant to be! Make choices! Learn! Grow! Evolve! You are so much more than you have imagined yourself to be! YOU are a powerful creator!