Sunday, April 29, 2012

The End (Beginning) Is Near...Prepare!

Ever since my involvement in the Jeffrey Lundgren cult (see my "To Trust In Man" series on this blog), I have lived under the belief that if there was something I needed to do to prepare for "the end", God would let me know directly. Within the past month or so, I have come across some information which truly resonates with my heart and soul. As I know this to be the voice of God speaking to me, I lay this information out to you so that you might do your own investigation and search out for yourself anything that may apply to you. It is your job to decide the validity of what I present, and I am okay with whatever you decide. We all live according to our own truths. Even if you think I'm totally crazy (and you might!), I am willing to live with that in order to ensure you have options.

For years, I have understood that things are not right in the world. My personal journey began with questions involving our food supply and disease. Over time, a plethora of sources have indicated our world is designed to make us sick so that the people who make the real money (and control the world) can make even more money. They weaken our immune systems and cause disease through the food supply. Then they provide us with "cures", which are really nothing more than pharmaceuticals and procedures to rob us of our money and keep our symptoms unnoticeable enough to believe we have answers to our health. It's a twisted joke really. I have also come to know it as a conspiracy.

The full force of this knowledge has hit me in big ways the past two years, and it has extended to pretty much every area of my life, from food and health to technology (or a lack thereof) to the economy and even politics. I am convinced I am a slave--that my life has been subjected to this slavery without my knowledge or consent. My early death has even been planned for and anticipated (although not my death personally--mankind as a whole). If you want to understand exactly what I am talking about in depth, you need to spend a couple of hours watching the documentary called "Thrive". You can go to the website now and watch the movie in its entirety for free! Everything is documented with evidence, and the website is designed to allow you to learn about individual subjects as well as ideas for being part of the solution! I would highly encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful resource!  

This past fall, I was made aware of a guy named David Wilcock. He is a self-proclaimed psychic who delves into the mysteries of extra-terrestrials and illuminati conspiracies. The thing about David is, he does an extreme amount of research on any topic he investigates. His "The Sourcefield Investigations" is an extremely interesting and informative piece of work that will make you question the very foundations of what you have always been taught to be true! David's website, Divine Cosmos, is an intriguing combination of intuition and information and is a resource you should take the time to explore!

At the end of last year, David posted an article on his Divine Cosmos website entitled "Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time" in which he outlined a series of events that culminated in a real lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in November of 2011. It is an extremely involved article (this means not for the faint of heart) and outlines in detail the complicated state of the world's gold, the money supply, and who really owns it. It also explains what is being done to correct the situation (in terms of the lawsuit). Complicated, but very informative. Shocking on many levels.

All this information leads me up to present day, April 2012. Thanks to David and his website, I am now aware of some critical information being put out through internet channels by a guy known as Drake. David used his own inside sources (whom he says have been reliable sources of information for him for years) in order to check Drake and his information out. David is convinced Drake's information is reliable. The interview was conducted on March 29, 2012. You can listen to this three-hour long interview here.

The interview with Drake gives information about a plan to arrest the criminals who now run our world. According to Drake, this plan has been developed and implemented over the course of many years by a group of insiders who understand the corruption that has taken place and want to change to balance of power in order to restore power to the People. The official website Drake uses to put his information out is called Freedom Reigns. You can learn a great deal more about "the Plan" and how to prepare yourself and your family for the changes that are coming at this site.

Why do I feel the need to share all of this with you? Because the information Drake has been putting out resonates with the voice of God within me. I know the system is totally corrupt. I know that freedom from the slavery that has bound me requires taking the criminals out of power. The pain and injustice suffered by a vast majority of people on the planet cries out for relief and change. I feel it every day. And now I know there are powers working behind the scenes to make the changes possible for real freedom to occur.

The changes will not be easy (although I am convinced they will be awesome!). They will come as a shock to those who have been brainwashed by the non-news of the mainstream media and believe the problems with the economy are easily fixed by a change in elections (does it ever really work that way?). Most people will be so blown away by the information that becomes available it will feel as though they are living in a very twisted dream.

I don't expect you to just accept all this as fact because I have said it! Do your own research! Ask your own questions! Ask the voice of God within your own heart to lead you to what is right and true! Prepare yourself for what is coming! 

I believe the end is near. So is the beginning!