Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Prayer of Saint Francis

The world is full of confusion and chaos right now as it goes through the changes involved in its evolution--growing pains you could call them. Fear seems to be widespread as no one is exactly sure just what will happen. As I contemplated this morning about how I want to manifest in the world at this chaotic time, my thought was that I want to be a healer. I want to bring healing to the earth, to society, and to my fellow humans. I want to so embody peace that just being in my presence will bring light and healing to those I touch. Seems like a pretty tall order, but there have been examples in my life of people who embodied this ideal. I know it can be done!

I naturally found myself praying/communing with the Source of all things. The words that came to mind turned into a prayer I've known for years, The Prayer of Saint Francis.

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is despair, hope.
Where there is darkness, light.
Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,
Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
To be understood as to understand;
To be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive.
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.
And it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

          ~Saint Francis of Assisi

Monday, May 28, 2012

Why We Sacrifice...And Are Sacrificed

There are many members of my family who have served in the military. My husband is a retired sailor. My brother-in-law is a retired Marine who is disabled from Gulf War Syndrome. One of my cousins retired from the Army. I have two other brother-in-laws who served stints in the Air Force. At present, I have a nephew in the Army reserves and another who is active duty Army. All of them have taken their oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, very seriously. I am very proud of the jobs they have done and know they have all served with honor. They believe in our country. This is why they have sacrificed a portion of their lives to serve it. I am blessed that none of them have had to make the ultimate sacrifice as so many have.

The thing is, the reasons we go to war and the reasons they send us to war are not one and the same (although the powers that be have done a great job and convincing us they are). My military family members have gone to war to protect America. The reasons the United States of America goes to war is to protect American interests. As Americans, we assume American interests are us and our Constitution. This is a false assumption.

We were told we needed to go to war against Iraq because they somehow had something to do with the bombings at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and wanted to use them against us and our allies. Afghanistan was attacked because the evil mastermind of 9/11, Osama bin Laden, was hiding out in the rugged mountains there. The question is, has any of this proven to be true?

To my knowledge, no one has ever shown how Saddam Hussein, the puppet dictator of Iraq who western powers put into power in the first place, was involved in 9/11. They finally admitted Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction. Bin Laden was, ironically, killed in Pakistan (supposedly anyway--I say supposedly because no body was ever produced--just a few photo-shopped pictures). Even now, there is evidence to suggest bin Laden was a friend and that al Qaeda was the name the CIA called the terrorist training center they set up to fight the old Soviet Union.  So why are we still in Iraq? Why are we still in Afghanistan? Ask any of our military members who have been forced to protect the opium fields in those regions...the oil...the land for the natural gas pipelines to flow through...Besides, war itself supplies endless money for arms manufacturers and dealers.

Then there is the question of the nameless, faceless "terrorists" who are out to get us. Why do they want to get us? Because we are "free"? Because we are "rich"? Let's use a little common sense here, folks! Would we want to keep someone else from being free? Would stopping another's freedom make us free? There might be a little more to the rich idea, but not because the American people are personally rich. Who is truly wealthy in this country? The top 10% maybe? Definitely the top 1%. The vast majority of Americans continue to work harder and harder for less!

What do the financial elite do that ticks other countries off? They go into a country who has resources they want and do complicated financial deals that force those governments to give them their resources without giving much back to the people in those countries. Any infrastructure that gets built is usually roads, airports, or ports designed to ship the resources out. If the countries don't play ball, the financial elite convince our politicians to send in our military to take the country over. They make up some excuse why we need to go to war with this country, usually something designed to convince the American people that our way of life is being threatened. (Think terrorism and weapons of mass destruction!)

I personally am not happy with the thought that my relatives, friends and neighbors are taking oaths to protect Americans and our freedoms and instead are being used and sacrificed so that a relatively few people can gain more wealth and power. The system is unjust and corrupt, and it's time to stand up and make our voices heard!!!    

As an American, I am truly grateful for all my fellow Americans who have sacrificed themselves for my life, my freedom and my Constitution. I honor them all. Let's continue to honor them by standing up to those people in office (and the people who pay for them to be there) by holding these same politicians and business people accountable for the blood that has been sacrificed for their own personal gain and power.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Message To Teaparty and Other Conservatives

I love the idea of the free market. The ability to produce products and services for those who need them not only generates income but also allows us to use our creativity and imagination! A well run free market is expansive and evolving and it encourages real job growth. What we have in America is not a free market, nor has it been for many, many years!

Let's look at the facts. Our economy is not any closer to being fixed than it was when Obama took over in 2008. I know. You want to blame our continuing problems on the President and his failed policies (him being a liberal Democrat and all). Even before Obama took over (under George W.), we were bailing out banks that were "too big too fail". The thought behind it was if those big banks failed, our whole system would fail. It brought to mind everyone losing their jobs and the whole world coming to an end.

The next logical question is, how has bailing out the big banks improved our economy? Short answer: it hasn't! We have had record numbers of home foreclosures, record numbers of unemployment (that they desperately try to cover up playing with the stats), and record numbers of people on food stamps. The job growth we so desperately seek does not come from further indebting ourselves to the big banks. The idea here has been to allow the banks to infuse loans into the economy to keep our businesses afloat. However, the Fed has been paying banks interest to sit on the money! Not only that, but now the Fed has made it their business to infuse money into the European Union (aka European banks and the Euro) in order to assist their economies! As if we don't have enough problems with our own economy! Logically speaking, if you aren't able to assist yourself, how can you have the strength to help others?

In a true free market, the government does not supply corporate welfare to keep certain businesses afloat. In a free market, businesses are allowed to die a natural death if those running them make poor decisions in their operation. (Think derivatives market! Do your own research. Derivatives are nothing more than a high stakes ponzi scheme where the last entity holding the bag loses! There are many other questionable practices if you take the time to do the research!)

In a free market, laws are not passed to limit the progress of small businesses in favor of already wealthy corporations. The free market is meant to be competitive! If poor business practices and inferior products destroy a company, so much the better! If their ethics are such they have to pay the government to pass laws that stamp out the competition, we do not need their products (or the jobs they supply). After all, we also end up having to purchase such inferior products!

Need an example of what I am talking about? Big Pharma (who supplies most of the top executives in the FDA) has managed to get laws passed saying it is illegal for supplement manufacturers or food producers to make any sort of health claims associated with their products, even when the health claims are completely true and scientifically backed!!! Stinks for the consumer and the small business, but it works really well for Big Pharma, who rakes in big bucks from consumers who aren't allowed to know a much cheaper supplement can cure their condition. (Think of the ramifications this has for healthcare/health insurance as far as cost! We have the most expensive medical care in the world--and it doesn't have to be that way!!!)

Deep down, we all know the system needs to change. At this point, I truly believe economic collapse is best because our system has become so corrupt it will never change if we continue to infuse it with more money (otherwise known as the blood, sweat and tears of the American people).

You also need to decide who you are standing up to. The Fed, big banks, corporations and their paid for politicians would all have you believe you are fighting your fellow Americans. You may know them as the Occupy Movement. The Occupy Movement is not your enemy!!! They have at least identified who the real problems are--the bankers and the big corporations. They are not against you! They are against the rhetoric that justifies the continuation of our economy as it is!

It is time to stop fighting among ourselves and unite in a common purpose: weeding out the corruption that dries up our jobs, our incomes, our creativity and our freedoms!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Message For May 22, 2012

As I ponder the question of what needs to be shared on this day of 2012, one word keeps coming to mind: fear. There is so much information out there--so much muck to wade through. Most of it seems scary. Indications that the economies of the world are about to collapse (ie JP Morgan losing $2 Billion in the derivatives market and runs on banks in Europe). Stories about marshal law being instituted in America and all of us being rounded up and placed in FEMA camps.

What I want to say about the fear is this. Fear is misguided. 2012 is NOT about the bad guys overpowering us and taking away every last trace of freedom we have! 2012 IS about people finally waking up to the truth of their enslavement! The reality of the matter is, we have been enslaved for years because we have chosen to give our power away to those who would use it for their own personal gain!

Do not fear the change! The powers that be are doing their best to convince you the power is still theirs, although at this point they can see their power quickly slipping away. The only real power they have at this point is to convince us that they still have the power to physically enslave us. This is where to fear comes in! FEAR IS NOT REAL!!! It is the illusion they are trying to use to regain control!

We can overcome the fear, and the methods to do it are simple!!! Look around at those you interact with--your family, your neighbors, your coworkers. You have a lot in common with these people! Find the commonalities! Work together! Go within to your own heart and you will know that it is love that overcomes all fear! It is love and relationship we must all focus on at this time!

Understand there are many more people in the world who truly love than people in the world who are working to destroy us all. Connect with them--with the love, and all things that need to be accomplished to bring about our true freedom will happen!

Namaste, my friend!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Economy NEEDS To Collapse

I heard a message that really intrigued me last night. There is a message being put out by a guy named Lindsey Williams which talked about the real indication that the economy was about to collapse would be problems with the derivatives market. Williams is a longtime pastor who had some dealings in the past with supposed members of the Illuminati (the ultimate insiders) who he befriended and still gets information from. I have heard Williams speak before, and much of his information seems to pan out. Why his current message intrigued (and impressed) me was because it really seems to sync with some of the other "insider" information I follow--and I'm pretty sure Williams is not connected in any way to these others!

The sign that the derivatives market is going down happened just over a week ago when JP Morgan announced they had lost $2 Billion in investments in the derivatives market. My very simplified understanding of the derivatives market is that derivatives are a high stakes bet--truly a high class ponzi scheme where the last person left holding the bag loses. Obviously, JP Morgan was left holding this particular bag.

What does this mean? It means the power elite have no more money to funnel into their special projects. It means their whole system is on the verge of bankruptcy! Notice I said their whole system. We the People do not own it or operate it. Who does? The Federal Reserve Bank along with the other central world banks.

In this time of financial meltdown and great change, it is important to remember that we do not need to fear the change! The powers that be (who literally own the media) want us to be afraid. We are hearing messages like, "You need to put all your money into real estate or gold or silver, etc." because money is not going to be worth the paper it is printed on. The fear is a last ditch effort to convince people that whatever happens we need to trust them to fix everything. This has been our problem all along! The only people the power elite fix anything for is themselves! They want to take all our assets (this is what the mortgage crisis has been all about), leaving us to work as slaves. The reality is, our financial system needs to collapse! The only people it works for are the 1%! It was designed that way!

I believe there is a new financial system waiting in the wings to take its place once the economy that we have always known does collapse. This is a good thing! Don't listen to the fearmongers who tell you we are in for a depression the likes of which we have never known. They do not want us to go to a new system because this will not only take away their money. It will take away their power!

When our Federal Reserve Notes (what we know as dollars) are no longer worth anything, the power elite will have nothing to pay their private armies with. Yes, they do have private armies. We know them from the news as organizations like Blackwater, more recently known by the names Xe and Academi. (Google some of these names and see what comes up!) When the elite have no more money to pay their goons, we can be sure that our brothers and sisters, our fathers and mothers, our sons and daughters in our military are not going to harm us! Speaking as a person with many military ties in my own family, most members of our military take their oaths of office very seriously! They have all sworn to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic! They are family, and they will protect us!

The economy NEEDS to collapse. This is the only way We the People will truly become free from the system that has brought us nothing but financial tyranny and slavery! Remember that a new financial system is already in place to pick up the slack! Prepare for the transition by having a week or two supply of food (a month is better) and keep your vehicles fueled up at all times! Be willing to help your less informed neighbors! We need to work together if we are going to make it through this transition with ease and grace!

The only way we can have a new world is if the old one goes away! Know that our hearts can lead us to a better place!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Love Rollercoasters!

You know that feeling you get when your seat on the rollercoaster has just been pulled up that first big hill? You're sitting, very briefly, at the top, wondering why you chose to go on the ride in the first place and knowing full well there is no way you can get off of it at this point. You look down that big hill, your heart racing as you anticipate the thrill your stomach gets as it goes into freefall. Anticipation. It's one of the most exciting parts of riding the rollercoaster.

That's exactly the feeling I have at this point in my life. I feel as though I'm at the top of the rollercoaster, looking down, anticipating the ride. I can feel the momentum--there is absolutely no way I can get off the coaster at this stage of the game. Life is pulling me forward. Then again, I don't really want to. I've been told this is the most thrilling, wonderful rollercoaster I will ever have the pleasure of riding, and I am excited to be on it.

Am I scared? You bet! Will it be worth the fear and the pain and the excitement? Absolutely! I have come too far--correction, we have come to far--to not enjoy the ride. There is no going back. There is only going forward. And there is no stopping it! Can you feel it? I know the end of the ride is going to be even better than the beginning!

I love rollercoasters, don't you? Hang on, we're getting ready for the first big hill!!!

Stand Up and Deal With It!!!

My youngest son got suspended from school today. It is the first time any of my children have gotten anything more than detention so it was really somewhat surprising. I say somewhat because I understand how school rules/politics work, and the consequence was inevitable for the crime committed. Let me explain.

The charge was fighting, and he was suspended for five days. (I see the lightbulb going off in your head at this point!) Still, when I explain the situation in its entirety you may be forced to draw some of the same conclusions that I have.

My son shoots verbal insults back and forth with the kid in question pretty much every day when they have a PE class together. It is usually good-natured fun. Yesterday, my son made a similar comment. Unfortunately, the other kid must have been having a bad day. He impulsively sprayed deodorant in my son's face, at which point my son took a blind, impulsive swing at him. It probably would have ended there if not for the fact that a third kid was standing there and made the comment, "Are you just going to take that?", at which point the kid, not wanting to lose face, swung and hit my son in the face, bruising his cheekbone. My son reacted with, "What did you go and do that for?" although he did not hit back.

I understand that nowadays any kind of fighting--even if you are only defending yourself--means an automatic suspension. That doesn't mean I agree with it. Think about this. The policy of automatic suspension encourages both lying and more violence. They lie because they don't want to get in trouble. They become more violent because they know that if they don't fight back they will be bullied and if they do defend themselves they will be suspended anyway! Then there is the fact that the only conflict resolution that is done is signing some *bleeping* contract saying they are "on probation" and need to watch themselves! If my son and this kid were actual enemies, the problems would only escalate.

I will say this: the vice principal at my son's school who dealt with the issue is wonderful! She knows my son and likes him. She knows he has never been in trouble, nor has the other kid. She stressed that fact to the principal, who normally suspends kids for ten days when they fight and then calls the police to have them each arrested to let the courts sort it all out!!! She even listened patiently to my complaints as listed above (although I was not angry or upset when I talked to her and acknowledged I understood her hands were tied).

Granted, the punishment given was less severe than the principal normally gives, but five days is still pretty extreme considering the circumstances. One or two days would have sufficed. All this with no conflict resolution. How can any of this help?

My other thought is, science has fairly recently concluded that the brains of teenagers are still growing. It is thought this is why teenagers can be so impulsive and so such stupid things without thinking about the consequences. Even though I was upset with the thought the other kid sprayed chemicals in my son's eyes, I also understand it was a thoughtless, impulsive, teenage move! Yes, they should be in trouble, but impulsivity should also play a role in the sentence! After all, there are kids who have actual ongoing, long-term battles who hurt each other deliberately!

How is it that we as a society are so complacent that we allow ourselves to be bullied into accepting punishments that don't fit the crimes? Why have we given up the right to due process to allow limited, one-size-fits-all consequences?

Our schools are just mirrors of our society at large. We allow ourselves to be nuked and fondled at the airport in the name of "safety". (How many terrorists do you know personally? Are any of them old people with catheters or children under four still in diapers?) We seem to have no problem with the fact that government agencies are allowed to monitor all our private communications with no warrant (let alone suspicion of crime!). Our taxes go to pay back interest on a national debt that can never be repaid (and was secretly designed to be that way), all the while putting the poor and middle classes into deeper wells of poverty.

Our society is failing because we have allowed it to fail! It is our apathy and our unwillingness to deal with our own problems that has lead to this state of affairs. We have entrusted power to those whose values we are persuaded are the same as ours, but in reality have very different intentions.

It is time for us, as citizens of the world, to stand up and deal with it! We need to look our problems in the face by asking new questions to gain new insights. We need to seek out all those hidden places that cause festering wounds and apply appropriate treatment. Most importantly, we need to expose all those who have been placed in leadership roles and used our power for personal gain at our expense. They are the true sources of our problems. It is only by taking back the mantle of responsibility that we can truly turn our laws, our economy, and our lives around. This is the challenge!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Well-Crafted Plot

One of my favorite things to do when I watch a fictional movie or television show is to try to guess how the story is going to play out. Many storylines are highly predictable. Consequently, I am often bored by shows (unless, of course, it has a sappy ending and I am in the mood for sappy!). In my opinion, the best programs are the ones where the plot is understandable but very twisted.

For example, the movie The Illusionist, starring Ed Norton, Paul Giamatti, and Jessica Biel is a wonderfully twisted, unpredictable sort of plot. (*Spoiler Alert*) A gifted magician/illusionist, played by Norton, is about to be arrested by the chief inspector (Giamatti) for producing the "ghost" of a murdered duchess (Biel), consequently stirring up civil unrest. You then go back in time to learn the illusionist had met and fallen in love with the duchess when they were young but were separated because of their differences in social standing. The young duchess does try to run away from her rank with the illusionist, but they are caught. Years later, they meet again when he has become a famous entertainer and she is the consort of the crown prince. Their plan to run away together goes off course once again when she is murdered by the drunken prince after telling him she is leaving. The illusionist begins a new show where he conjures up what seem to be spirits of the dead, including that of the duchess. This enrages the crown prince who orders the illusionist arrested because of the questions her appearance brings up in the minds of the people about her murder. When the inspector goes to actually arrest the illusionist, the illusionist is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.  In the meantime, the inspector follows up many different leads in his quest for knowledge and truth.  He has unwittingly come up with all the right answers, but fails to put them together until after the crown prince kills himself rather than face arrest for plotting to overthrow his father. It is at this point the illusionist shows the inspector his cards in their entirety. The duchess's murder was faked in order to save her from marrying the prince and to expose the prince's plot of illegitimately take over control of the kingdom, allowing the illusionist and the countess the freedom to finally be together.

Any good writer must take the time to carefully plot his/her course, lest the detective/audience put the clues together too soon and spoil the end of the story. Any good spy knows if he reveals his hand too soon it could lead to his demise. The Illusionist is a very well-crafted plot because the same information can represent many things. The truth is always present, but it is always open to interpretation.

In the story of our world, the "poop" is about to hit the fan. Just because we think we know how it is going to all play out doesn't mean we actually do. Be open to all the information. In the well-crafted plot, truth is not always what it would seem. Don't let your learned biases trap you in ignorance. Realize the evidence has not all played out yet and is still open to interpretation. The story is still unfolding. Don't make the mistake of forming a conclusion before all the evidence is in.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Losing Your Argument

I have been very disappointed in people lately. While I have been able to receive bits and pieces of truth from many different sources, I have been upset at some of the in-fighting that goes on between these various groups. The truth I feel I've received makes me feel incredibly light. The fighting, when I allow myself to fixate on it, can really bring me down.

We have all grown up in a reality that tells us there is always a right and a wrong--a good and a bad, and it is our job to stand against all that is wrong. Consequently, we spend a great deal of time and energy focused on the fight.

I tell you now, it is wasted energy! We are all good and bad, right and wrong, all of the time! The reason fighting and arguing uses so much energy is because we only fight ourselves! It is never a struggle we can win because it inevitably leads to our own destruction.

This is why listening to the arguments of others brings us down! Deep in our hearts we know the fight is never over when we focus on it. Keeping the argument alive only prolongs the pain!

Time to let go of your judgments--of your preconceived notions. They are worn-out and tired, and so are we! When we choose to argue, we inevitably lose--our strength, our power, our virtue. It is not about proving ourselves right and those who disagree with us wrong. It is about love and acceptance and finding out how we are connected!!!

Losing your argument does not make you wrong! It allows you to move beyond the conflict and become the person you were truly meant to be!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Love and Courage, Not Fear

Change is coming--BIG change! I am convinced that life as we know it will cease to exist in the near future. However, I don't see it as an ending--merely a new beginning. It will be scary and probably a bit painful as we transition to a different way of life. The thing is, in order to come through this transition with as little pain as possible, it is important to walk through it all with love and courage instead of fear!

We have lived lives of fear for thousands of years. We are afraid of going to hell for sins we commit. We are afraid of going to prison for breaking the rules. We are afraid we will die from some horrible disease if we don't take care of ourselves in ways the medical establishment prescribes. We are afraid we will not find jobs if we don't first graduate from high school and then college. It is fear that imprisons us and keeps us in line. The question is, is this fear misguided? My answer is a resounding, "Yes!"

My life has been a prime example of fear-based living. Ask anyone who really knows me--I have spent my life playing by the rules. I grew up a goody-two-shoes, always doing what was "right". I went to church every Sunday, attended church youth camps and was generally a leader there. I got good grades in school, managed to graduate from college cum laude, and went on to respectable work with children, both in the psychology and education fields. It was always important to me to do what was "right" because I feared the consequences of getting it wrong!

As I've gotten older I've begun to question where this sense of righteousness (aka the rules), came from. Certainly I learned much of it from my parents, who learned it from their parents, etc. Society is another big teacher of the norms. Still, who is it that determines what the rules are? Are the rules designed to keep us from harming each other, or are they put in place to enslave us?

What are the differences between the rules and the truth? Rules are instituted by people and can be (and often are) changed. They are based on the concept of duality, or the idea there is always a right and a wrong. Truth is simply what IS, and it is based in Oneness--the place where everything exists in nonjudgment.

The key to living truth is to begin living from the heart! It is the mind that imprisons because it is the mind that needs guidelines, or rules, to follow. Everything we learn in this life gets incorporated into the mind. It is the mind that reminds us what society will do to us if we disobey. The mind does not have the capability of thinking for itself. It tells us what to do in an effort to keep us from harm. This in no way means it acts from truth (although I will admit that rules and truth occasionally coincide!).

The heart, on the other hand, does act from truth. We have all had the experience where we just "know" something is accurate or true, even if we don't understand how we got the information. When we follow this inner knowing, things usually work out well (even when they don't initially feel great). We end up in big trouble when we reason through our decision (act from the mind) and forget to listen to the heart's encouragement. It is the heart that connects to something outside of this world (the Oneness) and helps us live from truth.

The people who currently run our planet are counting on maintaining their control through fear. Their power has come from the fact that we have been taught to live from the mind, not questioning anything they do because this is the way it has always been. When we fear the consequences of stepping outside of the box, we are slaves to the system.

Living from the heart is living from love and courage. It connects us to every living thing through connecting us to the Oneness. When you are connected to all things, there is no need for rules because you innately understand that intentionally harming anything ultimately results in harming yourself. The heart encourages you to take actions that will benefit all.

Change is never easy. It requires acting in new ways. There will inevitably be mistakes. Still, if we can focus on connecting to the Oneness, we can overcome this fear-based life and emerge into the love and courage of freedom.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Freedom Comes

I'm American, and I've been sold a bill of goods that has imprisoned me my entire life. (Somewhere in the back of my mind, my sense of humor comes to the forefront as I write that statement--sounds a little like an introductory statement from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.) The prison has been money, although maybe not the form you think. (At this point, you may have concluded, "OMG! She really is a money hungry, conservative freak!", but be careful of conclusions!) The monetary prison, more specifically, is debt.

In terms of normal American debt, the money my husband and I owe is probably below normal. Our vehicles have been paid off. We still owe a couple of years worth of mortgage on the mobile home I bought when I was still a single mom. We have a few credit cards we are paying on. That's pretty much it. Still, I am a slave to debt. Why? Because the whole system our economy is based on focuses on "owing" others and working hard in order to pay back the wealthy (bankers) for using their money.

In America (even in the world), we are taught the idea that we as individuals have no intrinsic value. It comes from religion (example: "We are just poor sinners who need a redeemer"). It comes from politics (example: "We have to pass more laws because people are just not smart enough to make wise choices on their own" or "You are not entitled to anything--you have to work hard for what you get!"). Even society sends us messages like, "You are bad if you think of yourself first!" (The implied message, again, is you are worthless and selfish.) Upon your birth, you are viewed as owning and having nothing. You can do nothing for others. Consequently you have no value to society.

The irony of all this is that it is not true (and our hearts tell us this even when our "rational" minds forbid it)! The reality is, not only do we have spiritual value but we have physical value as well! What in the world am I talking about, you ask? Mother Earth is full of resources, and each of us has a birthright to claim from her! (No! I am not talking about socialism although that point has been used in order to keep us all blinded to the truth!) After all, early man created shelter, food, and clothing from the natural gifts from Mother! We still do. It's just that some people have made an unnatural claim to more than their fair share of resources.

There is a secret economy in America (even in the world) originated by bankers and instituted by the corporate American government. When our births are registered here in American (through the birth certificate process), the information is sent to the Department of Commerce (this should be a red flag!) who forwards the information to something called the Depository Trust Company. This company issues 10 bonds in the name of each live birth and associated to his/her social security number. Each bond is valued at approximately $3.5 billion. (Yes, that's right. Billion!) Currency is then created by the Federal Reserve Bank based on these bonds. The bonds are held by the various branches of the Fed. Of course, we never see the money. We weren't meant to, but it isn't all bad. This is what helps our government build roads and schools and infrastructure. (If you want to listen to how it all works by an expert in Maritime law, which is what our system is based on, click here. For links to the entire interview, click here. Highly recommended, btw! Totally mind-blowing and enlightening interview between David Wilcock and Winston Strout!)

The system goes bad when people secretly use this money for their own private gain. This is where the liens placed on the Federal Reserve Bank branches (MAJOR EVENT: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks) as well as other liens filed against the G7 Central Banks (ARREST WARRANTS: Liens Filed Against G7 Central Banks) come into play! These events are very real (see extensive documentation by David Wilcock in his Divine Cosmos lien articles posted in this paragraph), and they will shortly come to the forefront as authorities begin to arrest those who illegally used these funds for personal gain.

If we look to the people of Iceland, who are already several years into the process of correcting a similar fraud that was perpetuated against them, we can see a light at the end of this dark tunnel. In 2008, they recognized the austerity measures their politicians (all bought and paid for by the banking establishment) had involved them in were a ruse to pay the banks for their failed debt. Icelanders refused to pay bailout money to the banks because they recognized the debt truly belonged to the banks and not them personally. When the banks (and their representative governments) came back and said, "We're going to place economic sanctions on you!" Icelanders handled the threat by saying, "Bring it on!" They forced the crooked politicians out, hunkered down, began to rely on the internal resources of their country, and made a huge comeback. At present, those personal mortgages that have been found to be fraudulent are being forgiven! The people of Iceland are my heroes!!!

It isn't your imagination that, here in America, we have to work harder and harder for less. The system that was supposed to enable us to have more productive lives has been overtaken by those who believe they need to own everything, including us! Yes, we are all slaves to debt and darkness, but the sun is about to rise on this long winter's night. Nothing will escape it's light as it dissolves the chains that bind us. Rejoice and be glad, for freedom comes!