Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Preparing For "The End"

I come from a long line of believers of the kingdom of God on earth (or where I come from, the concept is called Zion). My father, who is highly versed in scripture, talked about it for hours on end with various friends and relatives over the years. My grandmother (his mom) held onto a huge Victorian style house long after her own children had flown the nest in order to use it as a weigh station of sorts for people who needed a place to stay when they were "fleeing to Zion for safety." She hid all sorts of extra canned goods so she would have plenty of food for them, and filled her house with items of interest so no one would become bored during the wait. Yes, I come from a family of "believers".

With 2012 approaching (and the end of the Mayan calendar), the world seems poised to come to a screeching halt. Doomsday scenario books and movies are the rage, and many religious fanatics are prophesying the end of the world (often suckering naive people out of their life savings). People are "preparing", but are they really? Will it be enough to stockpile food and other essentials in the event of some cataclysm? (Some people are going to the extreme of stockpiling guns to "protect their stuff". Really?!!! If you are willing to use guns against another human being, you have some serious issues.)

After being part of a cult with very definite "end times" beliefs (for full story, link here), I came to one simple conclusion. It is much more important to focus on your internal connection to God as opposed to trying to get the inside scoop from another person (or a group of people). The way I see it, if I work on developing my relationship with the Divine, I will know what I need to do to prepare (if anything).

The interesting thing is, what I am being called to do now is not stockpile food or move to the country. In my quiet meditation time, I am being called to more fully develop my spiritual gifts. I feel led to use my sensitivities to understand the more subtle energies around me--to learn to differentiate them and understand how they work. I am exploring my psychic and healing abilities, and I am learning to trust them. It seems that almost every day I am uncovering some new skill I possess but never fully recognized before.

The fear we are experiencing with the thought of "the end of the world" comes from not understanding the nature of all that needs to come to an end. I do believe the world we know is self-destructing. We have allowed this world we've constructed from our minds (our ego selves) to take over, leaving the spiritual sides of ourselves to wither and die. We think this construct is "safe" because it is what we know, but this is far from the truth. We were meant for joy! We were meant for spirituality! We were meant for miracles! We were not meant for the poverty and the slavery of the world today! This is what is meant to end!

Preparing for the "the end" is not meant to be a physical thing. It is meant to be a spiritual thing. Listen to the Voice that speaks in your heart. It will tell you all things that you should do.


  1. Cindy

    I have done a lot of work, writing and study on this subject.

    Like you, I grew up in a belief-construct which was heavy with belief that the world would soon end in fire.

    Interestingly, as I did the inner work of surrender & release of those old fear-based belief programs, my certainty that "we are self-destructing" faded.

    I have come to understand that humans are much more powerful than we allow ourselves to believe. In "The Divine Arsonist", my main character had this dialogue with his Helpers:

    I turned toward my scar-faced guide; he inclined his head and raised his good hand in greeting. “What do you wish to know?” he said.

    “The end of the world. Did I see what will be…is that how things turn out? Who were those blind, deaf people?”

    “Ah, so many questions. How did that vision make you feel, young man?”

    “It was terrifying. Horrible. Like scenes from the book of Revelations. Armageddon and tribulation. But I’m confused, too.”

    He nodded. “As well you should be. Welcome to the world of the prophets, my son.”

    “Prophets? Are you saying that the world must end in fire? That’s the only way it can go?”

    He stood up. Sun shone through the holes in his garments. “Humans have forgotten their birthright. What you saw was born from millenniums of creating darkness—greed, scarcity and love of control,” he spread his arms out wide, “You stand upon the earth like sorcerers dressed in robes of white and black. In one hand you hold the power to build a world of peace, a place of joy and light; in the other, one of hate and evil. Which will it be?”

    “So, we have a choice? The end I saw isn’t certain?”

    He shook his head. “Certain? Nothing is ever certain in the way you mean.”

    “But what I saw made sense. It could happen that way any second now. World war three, you know? The end of life as we know it…”

    “It could. Yes, it could. That’s the key. Could is a fulcrum—a place of choice. The planet is like a seesaw. Energy has built up on the destruction side for so long that the tipping point is near.”

    “So you’re saying we have a choice, but what can be done to change the momentum?”

    Gamaliel nodded at Lucius, “He’ll tell you more.” He took his seat again with the others.

    Lucius was silent, looking off into the sky. “As within, so without,” he murmured after a few seconds.

    I squinted at him. “What?”

    “Law of the universe.”

    (...continued in the book :-) )

  2. I'm ready to read it, Jacob! Thanks for the input!