About Me

From the time I was a small child, I had the ability to understand how others felt, and I used this understanding to offer support and encouragement to those who were in need. Often I found myself in the position of defender of the underdog when I saw other children being picked on. As a teenager, I began volunteering at a camp for abused and neglected children, which led to a subsequent degree in psychology and professional experience working as a residential counselor at a group home for emotionally disturbed children. It was only years later, because of the whisperings of my spirit guide, that I understood I was actually an empath.

My life shifted gears dramatically after I had children. I became a stay at home mom to three wonderful kids until I separated and divorced. At that point in time, my focus was still on my children, whom I very much wanted to raise. I found fulltime employment working as a daycare teacher, where I could still see my kids and know who was taking care of them. This eventually led to a position as a lead teacher in the Georgia Pre K program, a position I held for several years before feeling led to shift gears once again and transition into something new.

My current journey has led to an exploration of my talents and gifts and a desire to use them fully for the benefit of all. I currently blog about the spiritual insights I've received on my journey and am honing my intuitive gifts in order to help seekers along their own paths. My ultimate goal is to teach others how they too can connect to the Divine within themselves so that we can all share in the Oneness together.

If I can assist you in your journey, feel free to contact me.