Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Own Personal Matrix Moment

The energies of the Universe sure have been strange lately! It is apparent to me that we here on earth are going through a very transformational/transitional time right now. As I take time to meditate (which for me comes in the form of napping, as ironic as that sounds), I am amazed by what takes place! Today, I experienced what I will term my own personal matrix moment!

To give you a little more background on my "napping" experience, it is my personal belief that connecting to the Universe and being One with everything involves putting your conscious mind into a more relaxed state. From a scientific point of view, I believe the best conscious connection comes from what are known as theta brainwaves. Most of us experience these as adults at the point where we are just going to sleep or at the point where we are just waking up. It's sort of that twilight, groggy feeling we get that seems as though we are in two places at once (and it's my belief we are--within time and outside of time, but that's a whole other topic). You can read a little bit more on theta waves and meditation by linking here.

Once again, I gave in to the call to nap (it's been happening a lot lately!), and I ended up asleep. The matrix moment came to me just as I was waking up. I opened my eyes, still groggy, and I watched the seam in my wall shift. Let me explain. I live in a mobile home, where the seams in the wallboard are not smoothed over with joint compound but covered over by small strips that hide the seam. My eyes were opened, but not particularly focused. In that moment of not quite alertness, I watched the usually straight line of the seam cover bend and move in a wave-like motion. At that point I realized--I was controlling it!!! I continued to will it to move and watched as it danced for a few more seconds. Then I came out of that theta state into a more conscious awakening and the strip was once again straight as it always is.

Now before you start thinking "She's either totally lost it or she's been smoking 'wacky weed'," think about this. Physicists tell us that what we believe to be solid, immovable mass is really just a bunch of rapidly spinning subatomic particles moving within space. That's right--space!!! What about rapidly moving parts in space is not pliable or changeable? I believe it is only our thoughts (and the way we believe things to be) that make the objects in our world seem substantial and real. When you learn to overcome those thoughts, you can create change--even instantaneous change. This is where "miracles" come from!

Begin the process of getting yourself into a theta brainwave state--know what it feels like and begin to play with it! You may just be able to create a "Matrix Moment" of your own!!!