Thursday, November 25, 2010


In America, Thanksgiving is a day we traditionally look at our own lives and remember all those things we are thankful for. As I look at my own life, it appears much the same as it did last year. Still the changes in my life have been huge, for they have been internal changes which have shifted my perceptions on life and totally changed the ways I act in the world.

Acceptance has been one of those changes. In the past, I would look at difficult situations as catastrophes and in many instances they would overwhelm me to the point of inaction. While I can't say I am totally proactive at this point in time, I can say I am much better at assessing the crisis and remembering it is something I have called to myself because of what it can teach me. Instead of dreading the crisis, I ask, "What is it I need to learn from this?" and am able to deal with each instance a little at a time.

I have also gained a better understanding of judgement--where it comes from and why it needs to be avoided. I know how it separates us from one another and how this separation harms us through blocking energy (love) that should be flowing freely between us.

I know my life isn't perfect. As always, it is a work in progress. Still, I am appreciative of those things I have gained in the past year--the ability to cope more effectively in the world and the lessening of the blocks between myself and my fellow man. I am blessed, and for that I am truly thankful.

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