Friday, June 14, 2013

Searching For a Leader

Those of us who are part of the "truth" movement (aka the effort to shine a light on all the darkness that enslaves humanity) are searching for a leader. It isn't that we're searching for one person specifically. It's more like we are looking for someone with the answers--someone we can rally around in order to move ourselves in the same positive direction. The thing is, such a person is really difficult to find.

We find one person who seems to know what's going on. We listen to the news he puts out. His message resonates deep within so we begin to listen to what else he has to say. This may go on for days, weeks, months, but inevitably one day we wake up and realize that not everything this person says is truth. At that point, we become disenchanted and point to the flaws in the argument in order to justify why we are no longer following this leader. We look for new truths and usually find someone different to guide us. This cycle seems to continue on in a never-ending series of frustrations and wheel-spinning.

What we fail to see and acknowledge is that we are all a combination of light and dark. While it's true that we often allow one side to overshadow the other, both sides are still there. For some reason, we expect our leaders to be perfectly light. This is where the problem starts. No one is perfectly light! It is unrealistic to expect perfection from someone exactly like our flawed selves.

So what is the answer to this leadership dilemma? In my way of thinking, the problem stems from where we look for a leader. Even though most of us understand that truth lies within, we look outside ourselves for answers. In doing so, we fail to take responsibility for that truth within.

For example, we hear someone else's message. The first thing we tend to do with this new information is to take it inside and decide whether or not it is something that seems or feels "right". If we decide it is not truth, we drop the information and go on to something else. If we decide the information is true for us, we then choose to open up to other insights this individual has to offer. While this is not necessarily a bad way to do things, it inevitably leads to disappointment when the other person eventually exposes his dark side. The point is, what we follow in this scenario is information we have obtained outside ourselves.

If truth really does reside within, we fail ourselves every time we look outside for our answers. When we follow someone else's truth, we deny ourselves the ability to create our own glorious new world!

The leaders we are searching for are US! We need to stand up for our own truth! The reason our world is not changing is because we fail to take responsibility for who we are in each moment! We look to others to stand up when it is really our job to stand up for ourselves!

I am the person I have been waiting for. All I need to do now is consult my own heart for the answers I seek. When I begin to take responsibility for myself, my whole world will change.

Become the leader that is inside! When that leader is unchained, the world will be a very different place.

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