Monday, October 4, 2010

The Importance of Passion

The term "finding your passion" is one of the catchphrases which figures prominently in law of attraction circles. Empowerment coaches such as Janet and Chris Attwood (The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose) and Chris Widener (The Angel Inside: Michelangelo's Secrets for Following Your Passion and Finding the Work You Love) have explained in great detail the concept of finding your passion in order to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. Indeed, it is everyone's dream to live such joy and passion every day. Still, what is it about passion that makes it important? Why is passion necessary to attract the life of your dreams? The answer lies in passion's ability to help you be present in your body and live from your heart.

Reflect on those times in your life when you have felt the most passionate. Maybe it was when you allowed yourself to be creative and painted a masterpiece, or maybe it had to do with your elation at being able to solve a complex problem in your job. Regardless, ask yourself a few key questions. How did it feel? Did it make me want to continue doing it? Where was my attention--my focus? Did I want to be doing anything else, be anywhere else?

My guess is (based on my own personal experience) that you felt alive and empowered. The joy it brought to you made you want to take those actions again and again. You did not want to be anywhere else in the world except where you were. In those moments of passion, you were totally present--fully focused in your body. Your mind and heart were engaged. You were in a place of power! At that precise moment, you were truly a creator of your universe.

Following your passion is important because doing so enables you to become your highest self. It is the place of flow and abundance and empowerment. When you let passion be your guide, your life magically falls into place. Don't underestimate passion. It has the power to transform your life.

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