Friday, April 29, 2011

The Seeds of Conflict

There are so many conflicts in the world today it seems a natural way of life. Individual fights, wars and even politics are constant reminders of how different we truly are. Still, deep in our hearts we long for peace and wonder if it is even possible. As the solution to any problem lies first in understanding its source, it is important to understand where conflict comes from: the thought that I know (and am) better than you.

This is the ego-based mentality--the mentality that asserts its individual self and believes it has all the answers. What answers the ego does have are those that are best for self preservation, regardless of the benefits or problems to others. Because the ego knows what is "best", the ego has no problem asserting itself in situations that threaten its status quo.

Take a look at politics. We have all these politicians floating around with various ideas about what will "fix" the ecomony. This conservative politician wants to "fix" the economy by giving tax breaks to wealthy corporations in order to spur new job creation. These new incomes will supposedly bring more money to the overall economy. While in theory this might work, what really happens is the people who run big corporations (and also have most of the money) benefit the most from keeping the money close to themselves--within big corporate banks being used for their big corporate friends. What they fail to show is that the money does not get into the hands of those really creating the jobs--small business owners. Because small businesses don't have the money to pay for the political clout, their needs are not met. The egos of big business create conflict with the "little guy" because they limit the "little guy's" ability to create wealth for themselves. The fight ensues. 

The other extreme of politics is that we have liberal politicians who think they know better than the rest of society and want to "help" society by making new rules for them to follow.  After all, most people just don't know what is good for them (again, the ego talking). Regulating what they do will insure they behave appropriately. In return, these same politicians will make sure the peoples' physical needs are met--money, housing, internet and cell phones for all! The egos of these liberals create conflict by limiting our free will through limiting choices. Again conflict when the masses rebel against the control.

The fact of the matter is, nobody has all the answers. Those who do are either dead or ascended! When we place ourselves above others, we are not coming from a place where all are considered. We are coming from a place where the ego is in control. When we accept that everyone has a purpose--that all are important--we begin to drop the pretense that we know all. When all are seen as equal, the ego loses its control. The seeds of conflict begin with the assertion that you have something others don't have but truly need. The seeds of change begin with the idea that we are truly One. 

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