Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Coming Destruction

Destruction is coming. It's inevitable. The signs are all there--failing economies, shifting power, civil unrest. Religious leaders are proclaiming it from the rooftops. (Of course, they are also predicting an apocalypse of some magnitude where the "righteous" will be raised up and the "sinners" will be subjected to endless torment.) Society as it exists today--the life we have always depended upon--is no longer working. Breakdown is nature's way of rebalancing herself. Still, the prospect of destruction is scary. How will we cope when all those things we have come to rely on have collapsed on themselves? The unknown is often accompanied by some fear.

The thing to keep in mind about destruction is the fact that it is all part of the growth process. Destruction is what clears the space to make room for something new--hopefully something much better. Creation cannot occur without it.

Picture a giant redwood forest. The beauty of these magnificent trees takes your breath away. When you think about the possibility of them being destroyed by the fires that often sweep through their native California you cringe. However, the truth is redwood trees actually need fire. They have a built-in natural fire retardant. Fire burns away the undergrowth, allowing sunlight to reach lower parts of the trees as well as new seedlings. The destruction a fire brings to these old growth forest keeps those majestic giants alive and thriving. From the ashes, new life!

Destruction is a natural part of the life process. It is our choice to allow it to destroy us or to use it to clear out what is not working so that we have space to create something new and wonderful. 

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