Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Price of Right and Wrong

We live in a world of right and wrong. When we are confronted with a person or object or situation, we immediately assign it a category and rank and decide whether or not it is acceptable in our world. We then dig our heels in, defending our beliefs, at times to the point of death. All conflict that exists in our world is the result of such thinking.

Who determines right and wrong? God? Society? Some internal knowledge of truth? My personal belief is that societies create the concepts of right and wrong. The proof is how the definitions of right and wrong have changed throughout history. For example, today in conservative Christian America, it is definitely a sin the sleep with anyone other than your spouse. However, there were ancient cultures where sex was considered a sacred act, and it was practiced with various partners in religious settings. The rules change over time because they are not based on any one standard.

How in the world can we achieve peace and harmony when we have two warring sides? Someday everyone will magically see "the truth" and they will naturally be drawn to what is "right"? It hasn't happened in thousands of years of recorded human history. Why should it happen now? Because God is on our side? I've got news for you. God doesn't choose sides!

Time to adopt another paradigm. Time to look past the labels we place on everything in our world and see things for the perfection they truly are. When all is acceptance instead of fear, the energies that make up who we are and our Universe are allowed to flow freely without hindrance. It is then we can truly have peace and harmony. Thinking in terms of right and wrong, by its very nature, can only lead to destruction. It's a price I am not willing to pay. Are you?

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