Thursday, December 31, 2009

Who I Am--Who You Are

     Two-thousand nine has been a year of huge personal challenges for me. Still, as I struggle to make sense of the upheaval which has occurred, I am also reminded of all the growth that has taken place because of those same challenges. I am so different now from what I was this time last year--more confident, more patient, more accepting. My strength has increased by leaps and bounds! Most importantly, I have a much better idea of who I am in the grand scheme of life, and I am learning to appreciate the gifts and talents I have been given as I understand my role in the world.
     The most important lesson 2009 has taught me is WHO I AM. For someone who has been brought up in a religious, Christian environment this may seem obvious. Ultimately, Christians are taught that they are children of God--a God that loves unconditionally and wants the best for His children. While we are told that Christ sacrificed his life for our sins so that we could be found perfect before God, all too often we hold tight to the thought of those sins and refuse to believe we are worthy to receive anything because of all the mistakes we have made. The fact of the matter is, God does not see our faults. He truly does see us without blame and spotless!!! When God looks at us, all He sees are beings of light and love!
     As I accept this truth as reality, I find a number of once closed doors now open to me. Opportunities abound as I begin to let myself receive the abundance which is my birthright. The difference this year is not the number of opportunities out there--they were always there. The difference is that I am now willing to allow myself to accept those blessings because I finally see myself as worthy!
     As I contemplate this simple understanding, it occurs to me there are many others out there who still do not know their own true worth. I am no different than anyone else. I am no more deserving of blessings than anyone else. The fact of the matter is, we all deserve blessings! We are all powerful beings of light and love! We are all worthy to receive God's abundance! Don't ever doubt that! Search inside yourself to the core of your being where the light of God dwells! Learn to know and accept the light that is in you! Focus on that light, and you will never feel unworthy again.
     It is my prayer that 2010 will be a year of much love, joy, abundance, and peace as we learn to appreciate just who we are in the light of God's love.

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