Friday, November 12, 2010

Spiritual Exercise

I've always had appreciation for my talents which fit into conventional society. I have a good ear for pitch and consequently sing quite well. I have a way with words and can express myself in writing and speaking. I am also good with people. My interest in them is genuine, and they are attracted to me as a result. Still, for all these talents, I have yet to find an occupation or even a hobby which fulfills my mission in life. It is only in the past month I have begun to know and appreciate those more spiritual gifts which I feel more adequately reveal my life's purpose.

I grew up in a very Christian home where "spirituality" was a big deal. I can remember my father, a lay minister, standing up in services and giving messages from God to people in the congregation. There have been times when I have felt very strongly that certain people needed to hear particular words of counsel. When I have been bold enough to follow through, people tell me it was just what they needed to hear. Looking back on my life, I realize my two sisters and even my children have similar abilities. This realization has been an amazing discovery for me.

Still, now that I have recognized this potential, I'm not exactly sure how to proceed. It has never been my intention to give guidance to people seeking answers. As I look back on my life, I realize I have a tendency to ignore most of the messages I receive because most people do not want to know. Telling what I know only upsets them. Then there is the problem that I am underconfident in my abilities because I do not intentionally use them on a consistent basis. My spiritual muscles are weak, so I have a hard time trusting them and myself.

I truly desire to help people come to a better understanding of themselves and of God. This goal--this mission--fully resonates with me. I know I need to exercise these spiritual muscles in order to more fully develop them. Talents and skills must be nutured in order to be maintained. It is more or less a question of whether I am willing to do the spiritual exercise required to help me progress on the rest of this journey. I face my fear in the hope that this spiritual exercise will help me find new pathways of purpose and understanding.   

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