Saturday, December 11, 2010

Transforming Your Reality

In my haste at work last night, I put myself in a precarious position--one that could have had serious consequences if I had not caught myself and stopped it. In the past, such a scenario would have sent me into the world of panic and worry as my paranoid self wondered if I would be "found out". Today, there is nothing but calm and peace. I attribute this state of peace to some enlightened views of the world I have incorporated just this past year. These ideas have truly transformed my life into a new reality.

As I drove home from work, I did my usual review of the situation. I had to admit I was just not thinking clearly while I was trying to speed through my work. Fortunately, there was a moment of sanity where I said, "Oops...time to stop." I realized no harm done. From there I progressed to the worst case scenario routine--this one potentially getting fired. My old self would have continued to worry about getting fired. My new self thought, "Okay, you did stop once you thought about it." I even took it a step further. I thought, "So what if I were to get fired? It may feel bad at the time, but ultimately the only thing being fired means would be that I was meant to experience this then move on to something different."

My new reallity is, things may seem bad at the time, but in the end they really do work out for the greater good! Every negative experience I've ever had felt like the end of the world. What I have finally incorporated into my being is the fact that those times which felt like the end of the world were truly only new beginnings! They have been my places of highest growth and awareness. They have all brought me into new states of being, new places of power. I realized I could be thankful for the negative because even when I don't know what's going to happen initially I know it will result in something beautiful! It took a long time for this seed idea to fully blossom into a wonderful flower. Now that is has, I feel different. I feel transformed.

Our human existence is all about growth--about becoming more than we presently are. Consequently, we all have the ability to learn and change. It begins with a fresh perspective. Once we are able to consistently see the world through this new lens we react differently to it. It is this knowledge that transforms our existence. It is this knowledge that tranforms our realities.

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