Saturday, June 30, 2012

Time To Wake Up To the Corruption and Free Ourselves!!

Folks, I am so riled right now I cannot even stand it! Articles like this (link here) and this (link here) are considered front page NEWS! Enough already!!! I'm sorry that Tom and Katie are finally splitting up, but the only thing articles like this do is take you into their personal drama and distract you from what is really going on in the world!

Are you working at a job you don't care for, earning just enough money to squeak by? Does it seem you are working harder and harder for less money? Do you have time to pursue your hopes? Your dreams? Your talents and skills? Or is life just one endless treadmill? Are you happy?

I guess what pisses me off the most is the fact that I know our slavery to this system has all been planned out in advance by people who think they are better than us! They have done such a good job of subtly corrupting the system the vast majority of people do not even know they have been enslaved!!! There are many people who still believe our leaders are really trying to straighten this economy out and help us! Don't kid yourselves! The signs are there if you would only take the time to open up your eyes and pay attention to the more subtle things around you!

In my estimation, some of the biggest news stories out there are the ones covering the corruption of the Barclays Group, a UK financial conglomerate. They have been publicly caught fixing interest rates to benefit themselves, and this illegal price fixing has been linked to other banks as well both in Europe and the US! The evidence seems to suggest the CEO, Bob Diamond, knew about the problem and ignored it, but is not willing to step down! To date, the only problems the company has had as a result is a fine ($233 million equivalent in European funds--a drop on the bucket from what they have actually made on it in profits) and no one has been forced to resign let alone been charged criminally! 

I could go on, but you get the idea!

The Tip of the Iceberg

This is just the beginning. The rabbit hole goes much, much deeper! Hints and whispers have been floating around about US bank involvement, including Citigroup (New Nightmare On Wall Street? US Banks Face Criminal Probe Into Global Interest-Rate Fixing Scheme). Interestingly enough, when I first began tracking this story, I read the names of at least four major US banks that were possibly involved. At this point in time, I can only find one that actually names the names (and this article will probably "lose" the names soon as well). (And Now, banks in LIBOR Fixing Scandal) I know I read them in other articles the past two days, but I can't find a trace of them now. Coincidence?

Think about it. The scandal involves banks fixing interest rates that We the People ultimately pay to them for loans on things we want to purchase, like homes. Housing bubble. Foreclosure. Rate-fixing. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put together the facts, people! We are being purposely screwed!!!

I know this is quite the negative posting today, but it does not have to be. Why, you ask? Because WE have the power to change things! We can expose such corruption! We can create the situations we need to take the criminals out of power and lock them up so we can be free! We don't need the mainstream media!!! We can get the world out ourselves--through email and social media. Send out links to the corruption articles! They are easy to find! Put them in the forefronts of everyone's mind, and offer the solutions to fix the problems (like criminal prosecution and prison time!)!!!

It is our thoughts alone that stand in the way of our freedom! Can you picture it? Don't buy the belief the bankers and politicians can't be put into prison! That is their (the bankers and politicians) belief that they have managed to infiltrate your mind with! It does not have to be your belief! On the day our thought processes change, we will bring about our own personal freedom! 
Namaste! My friends! The light of freedom comes!

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