Saturday, January 12, 2013

How To Defeat The Cabal

Everyone and their brother thinks to have a "plan" to defeat the cabal (aka the powers that be). They see the damage done to our planet and all of mankind by those in charge and understand the need for change. Still, with all the plans out there designed to combat the injustice, you have to wonder how any of the plans will ever work. They all seem so different and out of sync with each other. This plan sounds good, but how is X going to happen? That plan has some really good points, but how do you get to A, B, and C? Questions! Questions! Questions! And nobody seems to have a really good answer! The fact of the matter is, all those people who want to rid the world of injustice seem to think there is only one way to do so, and that is the problem!

You have to understand how the cabal works in order to defeat them. Only a few at the very top of the pyramid understand everything that is going on. Those closer to the top know most, but not all of the plan and it goes on from there. As you go on toward the lower levels of the structure, the people in the power structure know less and less. It's called compartmentalization, and most people only know the role they are to play. Why this works is because different cogs in the machine do not know enough about the operations of the others to do any serious damage to the organization as a whole. Plans to defeat the cabal usually arise from a few cogs who begin talking to other cogs whose jobs are close enough to theirs and begin to understand how some of the pieces actually fit together. The cabal has worked for thousands of years because of this complicated organizational structure.

Those of us who want to defeat the cabal think we have to come up with the correct plan to follow, and that has been our downfall. You see, in order to defeat the cabal, it is not about us all knowing everything that is in the works to defeat them. It is not our job to know everything! We only need to know the part we particularly play!!!

There is a plan, and it has been created by the One. Whether you believe the One is God, Source, universal intelligence or space aliens, understand there IS an intelligence that is coordinating all things unseen. We are not on top of the organization, nor do we need to be! The only thing we need to do to defeat the cabal is to do our own jobs!

How do we know what our jobs are? What are you passionate about? What work makes your heart sing? What exactly do you feel called to do? The key here is to follow your heart!!! It is not the wisdom of the mind that defeats the cabal. The understandings of the mind are extremely limited by the teachings we have encountered over time. The heart, however, is able to lock on to the wisdom and knowledge of the One. This is the difference between us and the cabal. The heart wins every time.
The defeat of the cabal is inevitable. You need only follow the guidance of your heart to know that the bigger plan is already in action! It is up to you to shine your own personal light within so that the work is accomplished!!! By following the guidance of the heart, the cabal will be defeated!

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