Friday, September 28, 2012

The Time For Fear Has Passed!

Rumors...I have heard so many of them the past few days it is almost overwhelming. Troops massing in Europe and/or the Middle East. United States military bases called to high alert. Chinese and Russian troops secretly on the ground, both within and just outside US borders. Military bases moving equipment and troops away from the coasts. The Fed and the US government about to declare bankruptcy. (Considering the state of the economy, I'm actually shocked this one hasn't happened yet!) Gasoline and energy prices getting ready to skyrocket with the impending promise of war.

Then there are facts: Congress recessed very early this year. (Did they even pass a budget for the coming year?) The prices of food and supplies have rapidly increased over the past few months and are expected to rise dramatically because of the midwestern drought. The economy making almost no gains during this "recession" (which should really have been called a Depression). Even the post office is getting ready to default on their payments. None of the information available in the press sounds very good.

Still, with all the doom and gloom, one message comes to me with great clarity. The time for fear has passed!  Yes, our world is very troubled. Yes, our way of life is getting ready to collapse. The thing is, it needs to collapse! Our world is so full of corruption, war, disease, poverty and pollution it cannot possibly continue to exist without killing us all! It is time to rethink the earth--to understand the possibilities of what can exist if we all work together to create it!

If quantum physicists are correct, our minds are just sensory organs interpreting the frequencies of everything around us into some sort of meaningful form. In other words, we are living in a real matrix--trapped by forces that are self-imposed (that we don't understand). Now is the time to change the problems of the past through our power of re-creation! It is time to be Jesus--maybe not anything as dramatic as walking on water or changing water into wine, but we definitely need to idealize and implement actions that will lead us all into a world we truly desire to live in. We can create miracles when we make a conscious decision to change our world!

It is time to let go of any lasting fear and understand we are no longer limited by our former interpretations of what must be! Step out of the box you find yourself in, and allow yourself to step into a world without limits! It is time to fly!

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