Monday, October 8, 2012

Accessing Unlimited Power

Just last week, I was contemplating energy levels, and something really profound came to me. When we fight against something--resist something--our energy levels diminish. However, when we allow things to exist in their present state and are in a state of acceptance, our power is greatly increased!

Think about this. Have you ever spent time trying to convince a friend or family member of the "correctness" of your point of view? Think about the energy you exert in such an exercise. Does some of the energy leave you? Do you ever feel tired or exhausted by the process? Why? Because you are resisting what the other person is about! (The true irony of this process is, in the vast majority of cases, arguing with the other person brings them no closer to siding with you than they were before you chose to expend the energy!) Fighting against anything only drains your power.

What happens when you decide to accept the person for who they are and allow them to manifest that in the world? You are immediately at peace. Because you have made the choice to let go of your resistance, energy is free to flow both toward you and away from you in one continuous cycle. All of the energy in the Universe thus becomes yours! You are free to pull from that endless supply of energy any time you want! Talk about unlimited power! That's what flow and abundance are all about!

Do you want access to unlimited power? It has nothing to do with stealing the power of others by overpowering them. It has everything to do with allowing all things to be what they were created to be. It is only by allowing creation to manifest itself according to Divine Plan that we have the power to manifest our own part in it. Limited or limitless, the choice is ultimately our own.

Namaste, my friends!

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