Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Money Musings

After listening to a recording of a radio show by a gifted psychic, Andrew Bartzis, I was inspired to have a little dialogue with "money". In our society, we are taught that inanimate objects do not have sentience. However, because of experiences I have had in the past, I have been able to connect on an energetic level with many sorts of things--trees, crystals, Mother Earth. I know that everything has a message if you are able to tune in to it. I am grateful to Andrew for reminding me of this.

I took out a one dollar Federal Reserve Note from my purse so I had something a little more concrete to focus on. The energy coming off it was so negative and HUGE it was all I could do to continue to hold it. All my personal negativities came to the surface as well, which added to my agitation.

The first thing that dawned on me was that the energy I was feeling was not from the dollar itself. It was the energy placed on it by people who desired to use it to control others and the world. The energy was placed on it specifically to suck all the resources away from the people who used it. It was a very draining energy, and I understood it was designed to steal not only physical and financial resources but energetic resources as well.

My thought was to use my own energy to try to neutralize it. This did not work very well and I felt my efforts blocked. I then asked for inspiration and felt guided to ask Mother Earth and my friends the Elementals (spirits/energies of things in nature) to surround and neutralize the energy. This worked much better and I felt myself free to directly communicate with the dollar itself.

This dollar had a lot to say when I was finally able to communicate with it! It was upset by the fact that it had been used to control so many people and was consequently disliked by many people. It hated being in the hands of a few when it wanted to experience all different sorts of people and be used for many good endeavors. At this point, I understood money was also trapped by the same people who would enslave the vast majority of the population.

Suddenly, I felt the structure of a Ho'oponopono prayer come to me naturally. I felt the need to tell money how sorry I was that I allowed others to keep it from me and to ask its forgiveness. I thanked money for wanting to be there for me and reassured it I loved it regardless of how others had manipulated it.

I left the experience with a much softer place in my heart for money, and I am focusing my energy to help money in its endeavors to be used for the abundance of all.   

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