Monday, February 14, 2011

You Are Loved!

It's Valentine's Day once again. Reading my friends' postings on Facebook and Twitter, I am reminded of the many different sorts of Valentine's Days I've had in the past. I can remember my mom's Valentine's tokens growing up. I can remember sending and receiving Valentines in grade school. I can remember Valentine's Day with my first love. I can remember the years I spent as a single mom--romantically lonely but still with my wonderful children to love. Today, I still have my children, but I've found romantic love once again. The thing is, we often place so much importance on romantic love and on the tokens of love on a day like today we forget what's truly important. The truth is, we are all loved in very profound ways!

As I sit back and listen to the silence, I feel and hear the energies of the Universe calling to me. "You are loved! You are loved! You are loved!" The thought is so pervasive for me, and yet I know there are many people out there so lonely and hurt it can be hard for them to hear such a message. Still it is there, and it calls out to each one of us!

Deep inside each person is a light. You might call it a spirit or a soul, but whatever term you use this light is perfect. We sometimes have a difficult time seeing this perfection because it is contained in an imperfect shell, but it is perfect all the same. This is the place in all of us that is truly worthy to be loved! The ability to love yourself stems from the knowledge of this inner light. Take the time to acknowledge it within yourself.

As you explore this inner light and recognize its profound beauty, listen to the silence. It is from this silence the voice of the Universe--the voice of God--speaks to you. "You are light! You are worthy! You are loved!" Allow yourself to experience this love. It is the Universe's ultimate you can experience every day!

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