Monday, July 2, 2012

Overcoming The Burden of Money

In the past, I have written much about the Law of Attraction. For many people (myself included) the talk often ends up revolving around money (or a lack thereof) and how to go about attracting more of it. While I always seem to have enough to pay my bills and do a few fun things here and there, money still feels like a burden to me. I get the impression I have to work harder and harder at a job that is not particularly fulfilling so that all my money can be sucked up by the system. I do believe I could get out of this with a different mindset. In the past, I have beaten myself up for not attracting more money and improving my circumstances. This morning, however, I had an epiphany. Money is a burden for the vast majority of people on the planet. The system was designed to make it that way!

Think about this: money is a man-made concept and instrument. The Creator did not place us on the planet and say, "Here is some money. Go buy what you need." God placed us on the planet with resources we could use to build our own shelter, make our own clothing, hunt and harvest our own food, etc. As we went along, we created more and more items to help make life a little easier for ourselves--fire, the wheel, plows, etc. Mother Earth provided all the resources we could ever want or need for us to improve our lives. Life was intended to be abundant and rewarding.

Money came into existence because of our growing needs to trade and barter. Once people began doing more specialized work (and stopped doing everything for themselves), they had to find some way to acquire those things they did need. For example, a carpenter would build a table for a farmer and receive meat or produce in return. As people became more sophisticated, value was assigned to various items or tasks. This task might be worth ten shells or that task might be worth five. Printed money was the eventual result.

Money in and of itself is not bad. What is bad is the idea that certain skill sets are worth much more than others. When we place a value on the services and/or products a person provided, we also begin to place them in a pecking order of sorts. In other words, we judge. Instead of working together, we begin to compete. It is this competition that leads us to the place where money becomes a burden.

Certain people seem drawn to the power associated with being at the top of the pecking order. In the past they were rulers and kings. As they acquired more and more power, they also acquired more and more gold/money. Most of us have the feeling that if we just had more money, our lives would be much easier, better. It is a pervasive idea that invades our deepest subconscious.

How was money designed to be a burden? Money became a burden when man began to enslave others through its use. (This is where to pecking order comes in.) Enslavement came about through numerous ways. Outright theft (for example, the spoils of war). Placing varying monetary values on different products and services and believing this increased or decreased personal worth. Charging interest on money loaned (usury). People are forced into various forms of slavery through its use.

Today in first world countries, slavery has become sophisticated and subtle. Our money is manipulated behind the scenes by those who already have too much of it (and consequently too much power). The powers that be even create more money, literally out of thin air, charge us interest on it, and then change the terms of the agreement in order to make us destitute. Even those of us who don't fall for their ploys are effected as the overall economy is weakened when more and more people can't afford the basic necessities of life and the demand for our products and services dries up.

There is a mindset that has been pervasive in the world. Those who own everything believe they are somehow smarter or better than the rest of us and hold the strong belief they deserve to have everything and don't need to work hard for it. They also believe it is the job of the rest of us to provide for their needs. It is strong enough that our psyches have subconsciously accepted these ideas as our own through that field that ties us all together. Yes, we can overcome that mindset, but it is not easy to do when the Universe constantly sends you that message. We are so much more psychically aware the we realize.

The thing is, money does not have to be a burden--for anyone! Every person on the planet has intrinsic worth or value. We all have gifts and talents which can be used to benefit the whole! Some people have a talent for healing. Some people have a talent for farming. Some people have a talent for hospitality. The list goes on and on and on! By using our talents for the benefit of the planet, everyone should prosper from what Mother Earth freely provides for all of us! It is not about race or religion or political system. None of our classifications make some people better than others! Money becomes a burden when we use it to make certain people "right" or "good".

We can overcome the burden of money by valuing the contributions of ourselves and others. In doing so, we choose to overcome our self-imposed slavery and live a life of choice, abundance and freedom.

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