Monday, October 29, 2012

Capitalism Is Dead In America

Many Americans still believe America is the land of opportunity. We are taught early on you can bring yourself up from nothing with perseverance, hard work and a little creativity. The force behind this supposed opportunity--capitalism. The power of the free market is what drives people toward either success or failure--or does it? Let's take a look at the facts!

A short drive down Main Street, USA will show you the power of the "free market". Look at all the "For Rent" signs in shop windows. Look at the "For Sale" signs that are followed by the words "Bank Owned". Small businesses are closing every day in record numbers. When people have little extra spending money, small businesses have a difficult time competing with mega-retailers who can afford to ship cheap (and often inferior) products from overseas, made by people who earn pennies an hour (aka slave labor).
Now take a look at those wealthy "capitalists" who have won the game of the "free market". Bank of America paid exactly zero tax dollars in 2010, while getting a refund of $1.9 billion (aka corporate welfare) and bailouts (also corporate welfare) to the tune of $1.3 trillion!!!  Goldman Sachs paid zero tax dollars in 2008 and received a $278 million tax refund! They also received $824 billion in corporate welfare (oops, I mean taxpayer bailouts). General Electric paid no taxes in 2010 but received a nice $3.3 billion tax refund. They also received $16 million in bailout money from the Federal Reserve!!! (For more "capitalist" data, read the full story here!)

How in the heck does this happen in a "capitalist" economy? The fact of the matter is, it doesn't!!! In a true free market economy, businesses live or die by the decisions they make. Sometimes risky behavior pays off handsomely. At other times, you lose your business. In true capitalism, the government does not give money to companies to keep them afloat. It lets those company die a painful (but necessary) death!!!

Capitalism in America is dead (and has been for many years). It's time we recognize our corrupt system for what it is--debt slavery!!!

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