Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Number of Truth Seekers Grows Daily!

For the past several years, I have been on a quest--a quest to seek out truth no matter how much it shakes up my core beliefs. During that time, I have forced myself to allow my limited understandings to fall and have had to rebuild myself once again from the foundation up. It has not been an easy journey. Downright uncomfortable, in fact. However, the rockiness of the road has allowed me to be much more thankful for all I do have!

I am not the only one! While I have made some amazing new friends along this quest for truth, I've have found myself becoming unsettled by those who continue to hold the same beliefs I used to. What's even more unsettling is the fact that places I viewed as a refuge from my worn out beliefs are now seemingly inundated by those who still hold the same worn out beliefs! Again, no comfort in the journey as I deal with the emotional energy that comes up every time I deal with those sorts of people. (The irony here is, I am convinced my emotions are what tell me I need to do some more work on myself! Alas! The job is never quite done!)

While I continue to feel uncomfortable, there is one bright spot that appeared just today! It dawned on me those same people who hold the old dualistic beliefs that have become so abhorrent to me are there for purposes other than to help me personally evolve. Whether they know it or not, those people are truth seekers!

They come to places where the energy is different from what they know. Even though they may not rationally agree with the majority of people in the new group, something draws them to this new energy! They may not even be conscious of it--just conscious that they have a desire for new information, and so they stay in this place that may make them uncomfortable as well!

This is my indication that the number of truth seekers does indeed grow daily! It may be uncomfortable. It may be downright scary! Know that we as a planet are quickly reaching the turning point! Be willing to reach out to all those who are on their own journey of understanding. The more willing we are to assist in this process, the more quickly the turning point will be reached!

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  1. Yes, totally agree honey, we need the contrast to evolve x