Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Creation...A Dream World or a Nightmare?

My thoughts today are just a whirling mass of chaos, clamoring for some semblance of order. I'm hoping that, maybe, if I can write them out it will help me organize them enough to make sense of what seems to be coming to me.

My conundrum started with all the predictions of big things potentially happening this month (May 2013). From David Wilcock's dream revelation to Lindsey William's dire predictions about the economic collapse to Clif High's May wujo on a potential coastal global event to Cobra's energy portal opening toward the end of the month my head is swimming in details. While not all the scenarios are negative, I have had the most difficult time grappling with Clif High's predictions for a global coastal event.

For those of you who may not know who Clif High is, he is a gifted computer programmer who helped develop data mining software initially designed to predict stock market trends using keyword searches, but who discovered along the way this data could predict much more than stock trends. What concerns me is the possibility the data he has uncovered for years about vast changes in coastlines could potentially fit with the timing of things this month.

Lindsey Williams is a minister with connections among some of the powers that were. He often knows details about things that are going to happen, and lately he has been revealing details of the planned financial collapse. The thing is, I can dismiss much of what Lindsey says because he is pretty much giving a verbatim account of how the powers that were are planning things to be--very different from how they often end up because of the vast numbers of people finally waking up to the world's financial slavery system.

Clif High's stuff is harder for me to invalidate. However, somewhere the idea has come to me that Clif's software reads the energy of what gets put out on the web. This would encompass both the ideas of what the powers that were are planning for the world in order to keep themselves in power as well as the fear they are placing in the rest of us that certain things will come to pass. I personally am convinced the powers that were are trying to begin World War III and create global catastrophe in order to kill off billions of us and physically enslave the rest through martial law. This is where their New World Order crap comes into play--one world government, one world currency, etc.

The prevailing fear is their last attempt to create the world of their dreams (and the world of our nightmares). As thieves and guardians of some of the world's greatest spiritual truths, they understand that thought can be a powerful tool of creation. Even though they lose power with each day that passes, they cling to the one thing that could potentially roll the ball back into their side of the court--fear.

If the powers that be can keep us fighting among ourselves--over perceived tyrants and border disputes and immigration and marriage and guns and drugs and anything else--they can keep us full of fear and negativity. If they make use believe scriptural calamities are coming our way, our fears could potentially come to pass. If the powers that were can convince us their "solutions" are the only way we can survive as a planet, our fear will continue to keep them in power.

It does not have to be this way! Are we full of fear? Are we full of fighting and war? I know I'm not. I have been given the vast ability to love--even those who are often considered by society as unlovable. I believe every other person on this planet has this same potential. It is only a matter of learning how to tap into it. By standing up to the fear and saying, "I love you so much I am willing to help you succeed," we can overcome the negativity and change the course of the planet.

The time for separation has passed. It is time to step back into compassion, step back into kindness, step back into love. We can keep the world from becoming an uninhabitable wasteland and live in freedom and integrity. It is a question of allowing our love to become bigger than our fear. It is a matter of changing our energy--our frequency--to one of love and peace.


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