Sunday, June 20, 2010

Forgive Yourself!

Having grown up in a very religious home, I was often bombarded with the idea that, because of my humanity, I was prone to mistakes. This idea was reinforced by my observations of the harm caused to others by my actions or inactions. Consequently, I have struggled with feelings of guilt and unworthiness most of my life. These feelings have been a huge source of blocked energy in my life, keeping me from enjoying those things in life I truly deserve--things we all deserve. As I reassess my life, several things become abundantly clear.

First, mistakes are really good things! While it is true they can carry negative and even harmful effects, mistakes can be our best teachers. Our spiritual goal is to wake up, recognize the negativity, and correct our actions. All mistakes are meant to lead to our spiritual growth, and spiritual growth is what we come to earth to do! Yes! We are prone to make mistakes, and that's a GOOD thing!

Second, there is no cause and effect between our imperfection and what we deserve in life. Look at the world around you. Some of the most loving and giving people I know have nothing but problems, and some of the meanest people around are very outwardly successful. Do those loving souls deserve problems? Do those mean people deserve success? Life is not fair. It could be fair, but often our feelings of guilt and unworthiness get in the way of the abundance we could have.

The bottom line is, we need to embrace our imperfection as a way of life. Feelings of guilt and unworthiness serve no worthwhile purpose and can actually hinder those positive activities we came to earth to participate in. Learn to let go and forgive yourself! Your effectiveness on earth depends upon it!

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