Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting Rid of Money Blocks

Money and I are apparently not friends. I always have what I need to pay the bills--have even gotten extra money to pay for the car I have now, and yet I never seem to have any extra for those fun things I want to do in life. It's frustrating--especially as I know it doesn't have to be that way. I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. I can see the impact my thoughts have had on my life.

I've spent years trying to uncover my energetic blocks surrounding money. One of my very favorite gurus on the subject is EFT expert Carol Look ( Because of her work, I have explored issues like having more money than others makes me feel guilty, you have to work hard for the money you have (it doesn't come easy), and having lots of money will make me stand out and I don't want that attention. Still, with all the work I'd done, I knew there was more I hadn't uncovered.

Recently, I have been exploring this question inside myself and came up with this interesting picture. I was sort of "feeling into the energy" of my relationship to money. I came up with this rather humorous image of myself attired like some karate master, hitting and kicking out at boards and cement blocks which were hurtling down at me through the air. The boards and blocks were the money I was forcing away from myself. They felt dangerous. This picture was quite the eye-opener for me. I truly felt as though money was "out to get me"! No wonder I fight it at every turn!

My next thought was, "How can I change this picture?" I began to use my imagination to see myself in a brand new world. I asked myself, "What could I equate money to that I would welcome into my life?" As I pondered the subject, I came across the image of playing in a cool summer rain--something I always loved to do as a child (and still enjoy if the truth be told). The rain is cool and refreshing. It is gentle. It soaks my clothing and body as I run around splashing in the puddles it creates. I breath in the smell of cleansed earth and allow the water to quench my thirst. I am safe. I want to be here as I absorb this feeling of being truly alive and joyful.

While I can't say the picture of "karate me" is totally gone yet, it is becoming less prominent as I begin to replace it with my image of money as a gentle rain. I try to imagine the rain every time I have a moment. As I become more familiar with this feeling of attraction, it will be interesting to see what will take place.

You know, this will probably seem sort of funny, but something just dawned on me. Last night, I had a craving for Dairy Queen. My husband, youngest son and I went to go get ice cream. After we ordered, my husband went to pay with a credit card. It took some time. Then the girl waiting on us told us their router was having problems due to poor connections and random service. The charge would not go through so they were giving us our order for free! I spent a fair amount of time imagining myself in the rain yesterday after I had my insight. Did I manifest free ice cream?

In the meantime, I am also doing some EFT "tapping" using phrases like, "Even though I feel as though I have to protect myself against money..." and, "Even though I feel threatened by money...". I do believe solutions are out there. Finding them starts with asking the right questions.       


  1. Wow...I like the rain idea. Very visual. I may have to try this!

  2. Thanks. You spoke from the heart.
    Here are some common fears, blocks and believes about money, Replace These:

    I don't deserve lot’s of money, maybe just enough to pay my bills and get by.
    I'm not worthy to have lot’s of money
    I'm not good enough to be rich
    There will never be enough money to pay bills and have fun
    But we can't afford that
    I am doing a bit better then my family but I can’t be rich.
    Money can’t make me happy.
    Money is evil
    Money is ...