Saturday, December 15, 2012

Forty Days of Light: Day Thirty-Five Meditation

As I feel the sorrow and pain over the loss of innocent life--cruelly sacrificed to the world of destruction, I feel led to emphasize that the arguments which come to mind in light of the tragedy are only points of distraction to keep us locked up in the duality mindset. It is not about guns or no guns. It is not about good parenting or bad parenting. It is not even an issue of right or wrong. It is an issue of healing--of rebalancing--our planet! We have allowed ourselves to travel so far down the road of extremes we are perilously close to losing our balance on life and causing enough chaos and confusion to destroy ourselves!

If anything, the precious lives lost in Connecticut and China yesterday should serve as a wake up call to stop all the bickering and fighting and look to ways we can heal ourselves! Come together with your fellow man, and don't let age or race or gender or religion or political ideology or sexual orientation keep you apart! At our cores, we all share so much. We pump the same blood. We breathe the same air. We eat food to sustain ourselves and sleep at night so we can wake up to function again. We all have the same capacity for love, joy, peace and fulfillment. We have so much in common! Why let stupid little things get in the way?

Today's Prayer For Light:
Source of All,
We have been told that you spoke creation into existence and in doing so you allowed for separation when you separated the darkness from the light. We have had our time to explore this space of separation and are grateful for it. We also know how devastating and destructive such a life can be. We now wish to create something new! We desire to re-balance our world into a world no longer full of such extremes--one where all can thrive and come together as One!

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