Thursday, May 23, 2013

Slavery Or Freedom

I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.
~Harriet Tubman

Seems hard to believe people would not know they are slaves. You would think it obvious--buying and selling people like cattle, bound to the family/land, working until every ounce of strength has been used up only to repeat the practice the next day. The irony is, slavery is as real today as it was back in Harriet Tubman's time.

Let's look at the facts. We have been living in a world where everything is monetized and the value of that money is backed by humans. This is why the powers that be all over the world make you register your live births. For example, here in America our birth registration and our social security information are sent to the Department of Commerce. The information is then sent to a bond company in New York, who issues ten bonds in your name. The bonds are then held by one of the twelve branches of the Federal Reserve Bank, to  back our dollar and to be traded as commodities through mutual funds on the stock market. Going a little bit deeper down the rabbit hole proves far worse. Not only are our births registered in order to back the currency, our DNA is now also a marketable commodity. This is why they take blood sample every time you go to the doctor. This is why they secretly store your baby's placenta and cord blood. This is why biotechnology accounts for such a large portion of the world's economy, and why the United States Supreme Court is now deciding whether or not corporations and universities actually have the right to patent our genes!

What about being bound to the "family" and/or land? Have you noticed the emphasis in recent years on "illegal" immigration? While people used to be able to travel freely from country to country, now everything relies on a passport. Yes, you can travel, but not freely. People are often blocked and denied this ability by either their country of origin or the country they want to enter. Again, there is a huge emphasis on registration via having the proper passports and visas. (Some of you might believe this is okay because of "security" issues, but the reality is known terrorists pass freely through many countries to be used as pawns in the corrupt games played by our slave owners.)

Working yourself to exhaustion is another game we play. Is there any doubt you have to work harder and harder in order to make ends meet? Our lives have become increasingly difficult in the past few decades, and this has been intentional by the powers that be as they continue to manipulate the markets. This is where the mortgage bubble has come from. This is why the Libor scandal happened. This is why gold and silver prices have been bouncing around. The powers that be have done everything they can think of to steal your value as a human--all behind your back of course.

Ask yourself this question: Am I free? The answer may shock you. Still, understanding your position is the first step in correcting it. Know there are many people who have understood this dilemma and have gone before us all to clear the way for our true freedom. Their efforts are about the pay off. Appreciate the sacrifices they have made for you, and be willing to emerge from the rabbit hole into the beautiful light of a new world.

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