Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Life

I am sitting with my daughter in the delivery room, waiting for her to deliver my first grandchild. It is definitely a new experience for me, both pain and bliss rolled into one. Pain because my daughter is in pain. Bliss because...well, let me give you more background on myself and this pregnancy.

A couple of weeks before we found out my daughter was pregnant, I had this experience. I was working my retail job where I was folding and straightening baby clothes. All of a sudden, I thought how much I wanted to buy baby clothes. I thought it was strange to think such a thing at this point in my life.  That's when it hit me. There was a presence beside me--a spirit, a soul! I knew it was my future grandchild, and he/she was communicating with me!

Ironically, I went home and told my daughter. I honestly thought it might be my oldest son and his very serious girlfriend who would be expecting. I wanted to tell someone about my experience so they could verbally back me up later if it turned out to be real.

About two weeks after my experience, my daughter came to me and said, "Mom, I'm pregnant. I guess you were right. We just didn't know it would be me!"

After that, I was able to "talk" to the baby periodically. I could tell how excited this baby was to be coming to have this earth experience. I let the baby know how excited I was that it was coming.

As I sit with my daughter in her hospital room, I feel this little girl tell me she is almost here! I feel her pushing, straining against the ever growing contractions, but also knowing that the pain is enabling her freedom. Not much longer now!

The joy in my heart and the tears in my eyes tell me she is ready for this new journey to begin. I, too, am ready for this new life. I will do what I can to allow her to grow into the person she desires to be.

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