Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pardon Me, But Your Desperation Is Showing!

Chaos abounds in today's world. If you turn to any one of the mainstream American propaganda machines (ie. CNN, NBC, CBS or FOX news), you will see headlines filled with politicians advising military strikes against Syria's present regime even though the American people are tired of wars we don't win (not to mention wars that could be the catalyst for WWIII). Interestingly enough, Americans don't seem to be buying the blatant lies anymore.

Somehow, the same old story (which usually arouses the ire of the American people) about an "enemy" regime committing crimes against his own people is not raising the same fire for justice that it once did. Stories from alternative news sources proving it is not President Assad's regime firing chemical weapons at his people but the actual rebels the American government is supporting are going mainstream enough that the truth is actually beginning to infiltrate the propaganda machines!!! 
I have been very pleased by the fact that the American people, for one reason or another, are just not towing the political line anymore (aka eating the political garbage they usually ingest).

All this brings me to another point. Recently I have noticed more mainstream news sources addressing non-mainstream issues. For example, Forbes Magazine has decided to address the "rumors" over the importance of revaluating the Iraqi dinar. (Inside the Dubious Dinar Revaluation Ruse) According to alternative news sources, this is an important step in the global reset and revaluation of all global currencies, which is designed to void out our current exchange system and take power from those who have abused our people and our planet for far too long.

It has occurred to me for the last several weeks that such stories and actions as the Forbes article are designed to convince people to stay in the current illusion (and thus support the powers that be and their continued reign of terror). They are, in effect, saying, "This is your reality and the way things have to be." If we continue to believe the way they have set the world up, we will continue to be manipulated, cheated and underutilized. Our only jobs will be what they choose to bestow on people who are broken enough to do the lowly jobs they create. Our only income will be at their discretion. For me, living the lie is something I am no longer willing to accept.

It is time to change the status quo! It is time to wake up to the infinite wonder and possibility of who we all are!!! It is time to change this harsh, dark world into the world of our dreams!!! 

Pardon me, powers that be, but your desperation is showing! We have learned what we need to learn from this darkness. We appreciate the lessons, but it is time to be on our way! We are ready, and we now choose to live life in joy, gratitude and abundance. Time to let go and allow us to become the beings of power and light we were meant to be.

~Cindy Shippy Evans

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