Monday, December 9, 2013

Blaming The Victims

Propaganda. It overwhelms us. We see it in our television shows. We see it splashed all over the news. We even get it in Facebook posts (often couched as humor)!!! The way I see it, the propaganda is designed for mainly one purpose: to divide and, thus, conquer the masses. 
Recently, one of the favorite dividing memes seems to be to make fun of McDonald's or Walmart employees who are protesting for actual living wages. These employees typically work their butts off for very little pay. What I don't understand is how other people who work their butts off to survive in this economy can pick on people who work at McDonald's. Are they really that much smarter/better than McDonald's workers that they can complain about paying a McDonald's employees $15 an hour for placing pickles on burgers? Granted, it doesn't take a great deal of brains to do the job, but somebody's got to do it. Does it take much more in the way of brains to lay carpet or work at a bank? Standing for hours at a time in one position can be back-breaking labor (my definition of working your butt off). Why shouldn't they be paid a liveable wage to do it? Because the restaurant can't afford it? Maybe the big, bad McDonald's corporation takes in too much in franchise fees for the restaurant owners to afford better wages for their employees? Regardless, there is money enough to pay liveable wages for everyone, and to think it will make the price of your burger skyrocket is asinine when you understand where the real profits hide!

We have been programmed to believe it's okay for there to be jobs that are incredibly low pay while other more important jobs (?) deserve much better pay. Making fun of people who perform jobs we consider beneath us is a way to make us feel better about the crap jobs we do. Actually allowing those workers at McDonald's or Walmart to make as much (if not more) money than we do would put us all lower down on the totem pole, would it not? After all, wages are a way of keeping score. How else would we know if we are winning?

The bottom line is, these ideas are not our own! They are propaganda, designed to keep distracted and fighting among ourselves so the powers that be can continue to control and decimate our planet. When we bash each other spouting off such propaganda we are, in effect, blaming the victim. That's right! The McDonald's employees are the victims in this little scenario! We are all the victims each time this scenario plays out! Every time you choose to bash the little guy with no power, you play right into the hands of the people who are ruining this planet!

Isn't it time we stopped blaming the victims and turned our energies to fixing what is left of our world? I challenge you to get off your apathetic butts and make a difference! Stop buying into the propaganda and start changing your little corner of the world! You will be amazed at the results!!!

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