Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wallk Softly

My husband and I have a favored set of walking trails near our home built in a wetlands area. The trail meanders beside a very wide creek and is home to an amazing amount of wildlife considering it is in metropolitan Atlanta. Insect life abounds--great jolly bumblebees, green and blue and black dragonflies with  transparent wings, yellow and blue winged butterflies. During certain times of the day you may catch the sound of bullfrogs among the rushes and see big fat tadpoles swimming in the water. Quite often you see mating pairs of mallard ducks swimming and bobbing for fish. Watching nature has the ability to take me back to the wonders of my childhood, where everything was new and exciting and wonderful. I learned to respect nature growing up--to recognize its perfection without disturbing it.

As we walked on the trails today, we didn't get far before I noticed a beautiful deer feeding on some of the dense vegetation next the the trail. She wasn't more than twenty feet from where I stood. She looked up from her meal as she noticed me watching her. Not wanting to interrupt her, I continued down the path and saw the rest of her family a short distance away from her. These deer were also cautious. I walked on, wishing I had a camera, but thrilled to have witnessed these beautiful creatures so close up. Walk softly so as not to lose the opportunities nature is willing to hand you.

As we continued on, there is a little bridge on the path near a viaduct where water makes its way toward the creek. Beside the water is a large group of rocks which catch the warmth of the sun on sunny days. We have observed baby copperhead snakes warming themselves on those rocks in the past. Today when we stopped, there was a family of no less than six copperheads taking advantage of the suns rays, their copper-like heads shining brightly in the sunshine. They were so beautiful! We could feel their strength and innate power. They were not interested in disturbing us any more than we were interested in disturbing them. Walk softly in order to observe the beauty of nature without feeling its wrath.

As with all things, it is important to allow nature to exist the way it was designed to. Misuse can lead to loss, disease and harm. My husband and I had no other use for the nature we observed today other than to revel in the joy and beauty inherent in all God's creation. Our physical needs are currently all met. Consequently, it was enough to just enjoy the scenery. Walk softly. The balance of life depends upon it. 

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