Friday, April 2, 2010

Count It All Joy!

     I have done much internal work in the past several years in an attempt to elevate my life to a new level. There have been many lessons learned along the way--mostly in small, baby-sized steps. Today, I can say the lesson learned is HUGE, for I have learned the secret to dealing with all the emotional ups and downs of my life. Even more important is the knowledge that I can count it all joy!
     Yesterday, I had a little extra quiet time to work on some of my issues. The key question I asked was how do I identify the issue or issues that are the root (or core) of my problem. I have struggled with the concept for quite some time. To help, I was listening to one of my favorite EFT practicioners, Carol Look, on a free resource she hosts with Rick Wilkes called Talk Tap Radio ( More specifically, I listened to a podcast called "What Questions Can Lead Me to My Core Issues?" I did some EFT work in the process and came to a very interesting conclusion. The issue that has held me back most in my life are the emotions surrounding my experience with divorce.
     People have told me for YEARS that I am still angry with my ex-husband and I need to forgive him and let it go so I can move on. I honestly thought I had done that. I have an amicable relationship with him and am happy with the status quo. What I didn't fully appreciate until yesterday was that I had not ever truly experienced the emotions the whole experience has produced. I merely suppressed those emotions. That is why they are still there causing problems and creating barriers to the life I truly want to live!
     I took the opportunity to write my ex a letter (which I will never send) outlining the pain and anger the experience has caused me. My plan is to read over that letter and allow myself to fully experience those emotions. There is no need to do anything with them. They are there just to experience. Once I have allowed myself those feelings, I should be able to let them go.
     We truly are spiritual beings having a human experience. The emotions we feel on earth enable us to expand and grow. Pain and suffering serve us by allowing us to see beyond ourselves. As such, our problems are not without compensation. For that reason, instead of judging a situation as "bad" realize it is there to help you experience your human-ness. Count it all joy!

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