Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Hear the Voice of the Trees

I hear the voice of the trees--
They call to me and speak my name.

Come! Sit in my shade.
Lean against my strong trunk.
Feel the energy that flows to me from Mother Earth--
From my roots buried deep in the rich soil
To the veins running through my body
To the tips of my very branches and leaves.
Feel the power that flows as the Sun
Warms my leaves
And courses through my body
Back to the fertile ground.
I am alive!
Allow me to imbue you with that life.
That renewal.
That connection.

The birds and animals and insects
All understand my great power.
They feed on me
And come to me for shelter and protection.
They draw strength from that abundant energy source
Which is life itself.
Draw from my strength
And I will fill you with my peace.

As I listen to the voice of the trees
I am drawn to the promise they offer.
I hear
And I come.

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