Friday, August 24, 2012

In the Battle of Good Verses Evil

We are engaged in an epic struggle--the battle of good verses evil. We are all taught there is a right and a wrong--a good and a bad, and it is important to stand up for truth, righteousness, God, etc. Satan wants to actively steal your soul and seal it away in the depths of hell (or so we are told). For thousands of years, humans have been engaged in endless battles where they believe truth, righteousness and God are on their side. Let me ask this question: if battles are "won" in the name of righteousness, why are we still fighting? If we are so righteous, shouldn't it be obvious to everyone? Wouldn't those overcome by the "truth" finally see the error of their ways and come around to righteousness themselves? It is my belief this whole scenario is a setup--one that convinces us to stay locked in a never-ending fight. It is this fight that keeps us from attaining true peace, happiness and freedom.

Fighting is destructive. It serves to tear down big things like cities or countries. It serves to tear down personal things like our lives and our self-esteem. Fighting does not bolster things, or build things, or make things better. By its very nature, fighting kills.

Is there any hope for us? Is there any way to overcome the struggle? My answer is a resounding "Yes!" We can overcome, but in order to do so we must change our tactics! So far, our battles are all about forcing our thoughts and beliefs on others. We cannot win any battle through force. This only leads to resentment and misunderstanding. The way to overcome the struggle is through balance!

What do I mean by balance? To me, balance involves doing the opposite of what you have been doing in order to get a different outcome! Martin Luther King, Jr. perhaps said it best when he stated: 
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
You cannot "fight" evil and make it go away. Fighting anything only makes what you are fighting struggle harder. It is by counteracting the evil with its opposite you can turn the tide and truly change things.

I know a great many people in the world look at certain signs (like the ongoing financial collapse) and are preparing for the ultimate battle. I'm preparing too, but in a different way. My way of preparation involves connecting to God and earth. My way of preparing involves doing what I can to bring people together--to get them to understand the importance of laying aside their differences in order to counteract all the hate and violence with love! 

It is only by consciously stopping the fight we can overcome the fight. It is only by reaching out to our fellow humans we can be saved! In the battle of good verses evil, the only choice that can bring us the peace, happiness and freedom we crave is love. Choose love!

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