Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spirit/Mind/Body Connection

Taking my early morning shower today, I found myself contemplating the insights which often occur while in the shower. Although I don't know exactly why this seems to happen, I feel it has something to do with that physical connection to water. Water's connection to us is obvious; we need water every day in order to sustain life. However, from the dawn of time water has been worshipped on a more spiritual level. Water is an elemental force. In some respects, water is a physical connection to our life force.

We don't always recognize the connection between spirit and body, but it is there nonetheless. It is a little easier to see the spirit's connection to the mind as both are nonphysical, less quantifiable entities. Because the body is seen only in terms of the physical in the Western world, making the spirit/mind/body connection can difficult.

Don't believe what the world tells you about this connection! Judge by what your own experience has taught you! Think about those times you have been inspired, both spiritually and mentally, by wading in the ocean, listening to a symphony or watching a beautiful sunset. Sometimes inspiration even comes from more mundane things like cleaning out the clutter from your office. The physical is much more closely related to the spiritual and mental than the world would give it credit for.

With this in mind, pay attention to how your treat your physical body. The old saying "Garbage in/garbage out" applies here! Take time to eat healthy foods, get plenty of sleep and stay active. You cannot abuse the body and expect it to allow your mind and spirit to operate at optimal levels!

Just as there is an energy that flows in and through all things and connects them all, there is an energy that flows between our spirit, mind and body and connects them to each other. It is this spirit/mind/body connection that shapes us into who we are. Nurturing all three aspects will strengthen the whole.   

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