Saturday, April 16, 2011

Square Peg

Ever feel trapped by life--like you're going through all the "right" motions and still not getting anywhere? Time and time again, we try to conform to those standards the world has taught as are appropriate and end up more frustrated than when we started. Why does this happen? Because we are square pegs trying to squeeze into round holes!

Look at the old saying "Square Peg, Round Hole". When you have a square shape, no matter how much you try to squeeze yourself into that round hole it is never going to happen to your liking. Either you are going to squish yourself in and wear off some of your square nature, or you'll fit but there will be a lot of empty space around you. Neither choice is comfortable, nor do they help you like yourself very much.

Life has a way of getting much easier once you acknowledge your "squareness". You begin to look for new things to do--new holes to fit into. No longer do you look for a space with rounded sides, but you look for straight edges. You even begin to appreciate the beauty of that straightness and consequently yourself. Fitting yourself into that square hole is painless and effortless.

A few years back, I realized I was never going to have the life that would allow me to fit comfortably in a round hole. It has caused me to look for new solutions to my problems, and in the process new doors of possibility have opened up for me. My life is not always easy, but my problems are always solvable. I am a square peg, and I am proud of it! Acknowledge your squareness, and step into the life you were meant to live! 

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