Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fear of Darkness

We are a people who fear the darkness. We see shadows under the bed and hear noises in the closet, and we just know the monsters are waiting to overpower us. Often, we fight everything we perceive to be darkness, fearing that, if we don't, the darkness will overtake us and all will be lost. We even fight the darkness in ourselves to the point of covering it up or denying its existence.

The funny thing about darkness...we believe that light chases the darkness away. When you illuminate a dark room, the darkness magically leaves. Or does it? The reality is, the darkness is still there. Light has the ability to transform the darkness into something not so scary. Things that often hide in the shadows can be plainly seen once exposed to even a tiny amount of light.

Darkness is not the big, bad entity we have conjured it to be. It is not something to fight and overcome. Rather, it is through embracing the darkness we are able to truly transform it. It is only through allowing the light to blend together with the dark we can truly be whole.

Do you fear darkness? Overcoming the fear is as simple as turning on the light.

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