Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Living From Your Higher Self

I came to an interesting realization after a conversation I had with my husband this morning. I remembered an incident involving my ex-husband when we were in the middle of our divorce. My children and I had been living in Georgia with my parents for eight months when I finally served him with divorce papers. My whole separation and move from Iowa had not been my idea in the first place, but I was ready to move on, hence the divorce papers. He was not happy that I had filed for divorce in Georgia and told me he was trying to have the proceedings moved back to Iowa.

I freaked out. I had friends back in Iowa who had gotten divorced in Iowa. Because they had kids and their spouses still lived in state, they were not allowed to move out of state with their kids. If they wanted to leave bad enough, their kids would have to stay behind. My family, including my parents and two sisters, all lived in the southeast United States. Iowa is a good 800 miles from my support. I was truly afraid that if I allowed the proceedings to happen in Iowa I would be forced to move back there--a place with no family and no good job opportunities for me.

In my desperation to stay in Georgia, I threatened my ex-husband. I told him that if he moved the proceedings back to Iowa I would not negotiate at all. We would automatically resolve the issue in a jury trial, where I would drag him through the mud, bringing out all the nasty details that preceded our separation. As he had left me for another woman, this threat was daunting for him. He decided to allow the divorce to occur in Georgia.

As I related this story to my current husband, who has also been divorced for the same reasons I was, I realized how much I had changed from that time in my life. While I did not beat myself up for lashing out at my ex in of my pain, I realized that I would not act in the same way now, even if the circumstances were the same. My thoughts now would be to understand what was motivating my ex-husband's actions and see if we could resolve the issue in a way where both of us would end up with what we need. I call this change living from my higher self.

On this earth, we live in these imperfect shells we call bodies. We experience all kinds of pain and suffering while at the same time we are given false teachings which justify reacting to that pain in even more painful ways. Still, we are so much more than these troubled bodies.

Deep within at the very core of our beings, we are spirit. We are energy. We are light. We are perfect! It is only when we are able to see past the imperfection that is our body to the beauty of the light within that we are able to rise above the pain and suffering. We are finally able to recognize the problems for what they are--tools to help us learn and grow. We no longer feel the need to spread that pain. We acknowledge the pain and use it to help us overcome our own internal struggles.

The world is finally learning to live from its higher self. Make the choice to become a part of it!

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  1. beautiful Cindy, it does seem that as we grow and see things from new vantage points...then we are able to make new choices about how we respond to life....but like you I love that tenacious woman I used to be...even if she was asleep, she was doing the best she you bunches sweet friend!