Friday, June 10, 2011


At this point in time, I cannot stand watching the news. Unfortunately, my husband does watch the news. There are many days I cannot totally stay away from it because it is on as I pass through the room. Seems the biggest, most important story these days involves the personal trouble of U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner. Apparently, he has gotten into some trouble because he tweeted "lewd" pictures of himself in underwear. I just have one word to say. REALLY???

Were the photos responsible for some breach in national security? Is Congressman Weiner the Mata Hari of the current political age? I think not. Do his actions show lack of good judgment? Yes. Do his actions show he has personal issues? Yes. Do people need to know this about him? Only if it would influence how they vote when he comes back up for re-election. Besides this, it truly should be a personal matter between him and his wife. If he were not part of the power elite, it would not be a public issue.

Weinergate is just one more thing for political opponents to point fingers at in order to justify how "right" they are. The question is, does your enemy's problem make you a better person?

We need to stop being a people of finger-pointing! The only thing finger-pointing accomplishes is separation and distraction! It makes people choose sides over issues that are fruitless! How is knowing Weiner is cheating on his wife going to improve the unemployment rate or fix the healthcare crisis?

Where are the solutions to the world's problems? They definitely don't reside in politics if all politicians can offer is a picture of some guy in his underwear.


  1. Its more than just texting photos in his underwear! He had also texted nude ones and had "cybersex." Granted, in the grand scheme of things, its not as a big deal as lying about going to war and profiting from war...but as a liberal Democrat, I believe he should resign. Serving in government is an honour, not a right. If we don't impose a value on honesty and integrity on those elected to serve, it will be seen as okay by the next person. Its a downward slippery slope. This also came a few months after a Republican Congressman from NY resigned for sending partially nude photos to a woman he met on Craigslist, even though he was married. If Weiner or Lee (the Craigslist guy) weren't married, it wouldn't be as big a deal. This scandal illustrates why some men should not get married...if they still want to act like horny bachelors.

  2. It still just goes to show how messed up we are as a society. If we're stupid enough to vote in people with questionable ethics, we get what we pay for!

  3. People like his political stances. I've never heard of him until earlier this year. I agree that I like his stance on issues, but for me its not good enough. I agreed with a lot of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's stance on issues, but I always voted against her in both the Democratic Primary and the General Election because to me, a person's conduct matters more than where they stand on issues. Unfortunately, partisans tend to overlook certain flaws if they like the person and where that person stands in regards to their political views.

    If Weiner stays in office, his esteem and credibility will be far weakened. The mayor of Portland had the same problem. No one wanted to be seen with him in public for the past three years, because the taint of scandal was too much that he never recovered and his campaign promises and ambitions for the job were pretty much "dead in the water" after the scandal broke within a month of his becoming mayor. Hopefully, Portland voters will vote him out next year as punishment for his misconduct, as I hope New York voters will vote out Weiner next year for someone better (if he does not resign).