Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Always Darkest Before the Dawn

The world is one giant mess. Toxins poison our air, water and food. Unemployment and homelessness are on the rise. Government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration are buying hollow point ammunition (click here for link) while the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Education spend your tax dollars to purchase 12-gauge shotguns! (click here and here for links) The largest American banks have been told to prepare for total collapse. (click here) A former Marine named Brandon Raub, was taken into custody by the FBI and is being evaluated in a psych ward because of his FB posts! (link here and here for details) Folks, if you haven't been aware of the darkness that surrounds you, pay attention! The signs are all around you--hidden in plain sight!

Granted, I am pointing out what some of my contemporaries like to call "fear porn" (ie. news items used to excite people through fear). I point them out because I know a great many people that don't even know these things happen. However, I don't think the combination of all these things necessarily leads to the total collapse of civilization. The powers that were would like us to think our way of life is collapsing in an effort to  maintain what power they still have left (thinking if they use the right propaganda to scare us we will continue to support their current corrupt system).

While I believe our system is imploding, I also believe there are other things going on behind the scenes to keep the world from erupting into some apocalyptic catastrophe. For example, countries around the world, who are tired of being manipulated by America and the western European powers (aka the Fed and the other world banks), have banded together to create a new system of currency to replace the almighty dollar. Called BRICS (standing for the core nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), this alliance of 140+ nations is ready to help America out of its economic crisis. (Warning: do not believe the western powers propaganda that it is a "communist" takeover of the world. The communist label is just that--a label! It is designed to keep you in fear and make you want to keep our current regime in power! The thing is, if you read and researched the first paragraph you are discovering that our current regime has already begun taking away our constitutional rights! We should be more scared of our government than of its ouster!) You can read more about BRICS topic here!

Even more importantly, people are beginning to wake up every day to the strange things going on around them. Like Brandon Raub, these people are standing up and speaking out, voicing their preferences for freedom and change in calm, nonviolent ways. The corruption is beginning to be addressed as civil and criminal cases are being investigated behind-the-scenes efforts to take criminals out of power. (Libor investigation) (US Marshalls Expose the Biggest Scandal in History) (Audit the Fed) As these actions come to fruition, freedoms will be restored through peaceful means!

There is something of an air of gloom and doom here in America. Just remember: it's always darkest before the dawn!

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