Friday, August 17, 2012

The Power To Overcome

Lately, a good deal of my time has been spent looking for news about the "resistance movement". What is that, you ask? It is a movement of people who recognize the corruption of many of those in power and are working behind the scenes to free humanity from this control. I see many people in the world crying out for help. I believe I am here at this time in history to help heal some of that pain. My interest in watching for news stems from both wanting to know what others are doing and trying to figure out exactly what my role is to be. In my quest for understanding, one idea keeps screaming at me over and over again. We are no closer to overcoming the corruption at present than we were last fall when I began following news of the movement. Why? Because we do not understand what we need to overcome!

The biggest problem I see with the resistance movement is the all petty differences people have over what is good, right or correct. Everyone seems to have their opinion--and they are all different! This one believes in the right to bear arms. That one believes abortions should be allowed. This one made a moral mistake so no one should listen to anything he says because his views are obviously faulty. That one is a misinformation agent because he once stated the following...and it goes on...and on...and nauseam!!! The fighting among people who are supposedly fighting for the same cause is incredible! How in the world are we supposed to bring about a new, peaceful, harmonious world when all we do is bicker about who is right?!!! Divide and conquer is the strategy that has been successfully employed to control the masses for thousands of years! Our rules and our laws, our mores and our taboos, are all designed to limit the actions of populations. We are responsible to the whole, and when we do things to break out of the mold we are bad, wrong and incorrect--selfish even!

What is the solution? Albert Einstein once said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." The same kind of thinking in this instance is the belief that everything is good or bad, right or wrong. (I can hear you all thinking, "Good and bad is well-defined," and, "Blasphemy!") Every time we define someone with a label, we place them in a box. It is our many and varied boxes that separate us from one another and make us feel as though we need to compete. It is very much a learned process, but also one we can overcome with a few simple tools.

One tool that everyone is capable of using is to focus on those things we have in common with others. So you believe being gay is a sin and the person working beside you at the homeless shelter is gay? Focus on the fact you are both compassionate enough to help homeless people! Your neighbor owns an arsenal of weapons and you are a gun free vegetarian? Focus on how well he keeps up his yard and how he mows the lawn of the elderly woman down the street! When you focus on someone long enough to see what you consider positive points, you are much more likely to take down the barriers that separate you.

Another tool that can be used to overcome separation is a bit more difficult, but ultimately much more rewarding. It is learning to connect within in order to connect to everything (ie. the Universe, Source, the I Am, etc.) This is something I cannot necessarily teach you. However, there are many methods and many teachers that can lead you to this connection. Some of the more popular teachers are people like Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Eckart Tolle, and Lynne McTaggart. There are many teachers with many different techniques. Find one you can relate to and learn to "plug in" to the collective! By doing so, you will be able to see the situations which confront you from new perspectives, leading you to amazing insights and solutions! Say a prayer and/or set the intention that the process which will work for you comes to you quickly and with ease!

The power to overcome does not involve overpowering others. The real struggle lies in rising above those beliefs we hold which separate us from our fellow humans. It is this separation that keeps us from working together and creating a happier, more joyful, more abundant world. The power to overcome is the power to overcome self. By changing yourself, you will change the entire planet!
With all my love!

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