Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Music To Overcome the Anklebiters

I feel so much that our world is on the edge of a very powerful breakthrough. The past few days have weighed very heavily on me as I find my lack of patience frustrating. When I contemplate these feelings, one thought penetrates: the anklebiters are attacking!
What are the anklebiters, you ask? They are those lower vibrating energies that attack you, trying to get you to resonate at that same frequency. The anklebiters are not particularly powerful but they are persistent and it is often their persistence that overpowers you.  This is where the feelings of powerlessness and frustration come into play. Anklebiters are not hard to overcome. You just have to be aware they are attacking and bring yourself into higher vibration by focusing your attention on something with a higher frequency.

A Facebook friend posted this lovely video this morning. As I listening to the very soothing sounds of Kitaro playing the Theme From Silk Road, I felt myself pulling away from the anklebiters and rising to a much more soothing, loving frequency. Thought I would share this video with you in the hopes that you are also comforted! With love!

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