Monday, April 15, 2013

Why We Should Let Go

I've been a part-time sales associate at Penney's (yes, that ailing American retailer) for about two-and-a-half years now. Within that time, I watched them go from a sales strategy of fluctuating prices that included "sales" and coupons and ended with 99 cents to prices that were ultra-competitive every day that only went lower when they went on clearance and ended in even dollar amounts. I have to confess--I LOVED the changes Ron Johnson made to the pricing!

Let's look at the difference between pricing the ends in 99 cents verses even dollar amounts. When I was growing up, my folks always taught me to add a penny to the price of anything that ended in 99 cents (common sense, right?). If an item is listed at $14.99, in reality it is $15. While a good many people understand this concept, many, many more do not! What I discovered when I was adding up peoples' items is that most of them do not add on the penny! I was totally amazed at the people who thought they were adding up the prices in their heads only to discover they were way off! Say for example they were purchasing five items. They would look at the $14.99 and think it was $14! When they did this for five items, their totals were $5 off (without even looking at taxes)! I would patiently explain to them how to add the penny so their totals wouldn't be off! This is why I appreciated the even dollars amounts that Ron John made standard practice at Penney's (and why I was appalled to see some of our merchandise on sale this week for $4.99)!!! To me, this can be a very deceptive practice, and I am definitely not into deception.

Then look at the "sales" and coupons. The prices were much higher with the old pricing strategy. I was on the team that changed all the prices at my store in January of 2012, and I was truly amazed by what I saw! The vast majority of the listed prices were literally cut in half!!! With the old pricing strategy, prices changed almost daily, give or take a couple of dollars at the twice as high price. "Sales" consisted of a few less dollars on certain items only. One of my gifts is the ability to spot patterns, and one of the patterns I noticed consistently was that the really good coupons ($10 off $10 or more or $25 or more) were at times the overall prices in the store were at their highest levels. Of course, they would have their limited number of "Door Buster" items to draw in the crowds, but unless you were only buying door busters, you did not come out ahead--the store did! You only believed you were making out like a bandit, but it kept you happy, didn't it? Again, to me, this is extremely deceptive and I do not like it!

Yes, I am in rant mode! Why? Because I was in my store shopping today and I saw they were marking everything up twice or more than what the every day price was! The coupons have been out for weeks already, and you can't make a profit with coupons and extremely low prices. Yes, folks! You are getting your damn coupons back! Hope the sticker shock doesn't come back to bite you in the ass!!! If you ever decide to get a new tattoo, might I suggest the word "sucker" in big, bold letters on your forehead!!!

My point with my very wordy essay on corporate greed and deception? People don't like change, and that is why the world continues to stay in a state of corruption and decline!!! You can look at this world through rose-colored glasses and con yourself into believing that everything is fine, but until you understand that change is the only thing that will allow the world to lose the deception and become better the world will continue to go down the tubes!

It's time! Take off the rose-colored glasses and see the world for the corrupt, deceptive place it is! The more willing you are to identify what's wrong with your community the more likely you are to change it! It is time to let go of all that is familiar. It is not working for anyone but the 1%. The world has untapped resources available. Be willing to look for them and use them as we work to bring about a golden age on this dusty and tired planet.


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