Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm In the Allowing Party!

I am so fed up with the labels! I have been called by many names in my lifetime. Girl. Woman. Daughter. Sister. Mother. Friend. Enemy. Heterosexual. Christian. Democrat. Republican. Intelligent. Stupid. Fun. Boring. Saint. Sinner. And it goes on...and on...and naseam!!!

The thing is, I am in process of letting go of judgments--against both others and myself. It is not a quick and easy task as I have been taught to judge everything--even things as inane as burping in public or people with tattoos! The judgments we have of ourselves, each other, and the world are directly tied to the labels we give to various things. Labels are one way of categorizing and organizing the information in our brains.

As judgmental human beings, we attempt to limit our own actions to those things we have been taught are "good" or "right". This is the step where we stop growing because we have mentally chosen to limit our behaviors. (This does not mean I think everyone should go around doing every "bad" thing they thought about doing. It does mean we learn to hear the wisdom in our hearts and follow that guidance.)

I have come to the point of my development where I no longer want to be labeled. (This, to me, equates to putting me in a box.) Just as I do not want to be thought of as "bad", I also do not want to be thought of as "good", nor do I want to be labelled woman, daughter, sister, mother, friend, enemy, heterosexual, christian, or anything else! What I desire to do is BE, without dictates, mandates or directives. I want to be free to follow the moment by moment guidance of my heart without the distraction of labels!

I especially don't want to be labeled Democrat or Republican! (Them's fightin' words for sure in my book!) If you must call me something, tell everyone I'm in the Allowing Party. It's a party that doesn't care if you are Democrat or Republican (or Libertarian). It doesn't care of you are good or bad, intelligent or stupid, black or white, or any other limiting thing. It's an all-inclusive party where we are free to follow the guidance and wisdom in our own hearts. It's a place where we are allowed to BE.

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