Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The End of Politics As Usual

Here in the United States, politics is in full swing as we begin the process of electing/re-electing a president. Obama is set to run again for re-election on the Democratic ticket while several presidential hopefuls are beginning to vy for placement on the Republican ticket. None of it thrills me because all I see is the same old politics, and our country is screwed up enough (and has been so for many, many years). We talk about change, yet no one is doing anything differently. Still the same talk, the same blame, the same lies, the same corruption. If the country's problems are to resolve themselves, there needs to be an end to politics as usual.

Americans have a tendency to rely on their heads. What I mean by this is, we are taught certain things by society about how it functions, and like mindless puppets, we believe them! Nine times out of ten, we dismiss those "gut reactions" that come into play when a piece of the truth is revealed because they are not based on evidence we can actually see. The evidence is often cleverly hidden from view. This is where we get into trouble! We have all been lied to by those in power! Wake up, people!!!

The voice of God talks to each one of us on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most of us are so accustomed to tuning it out we no longer hear it! That still small voice of God comes to us through those "gut reactions". It is the voice of warning--the voice we know we should have listened to after we tuned it out and found ourselves in trouble. It isn't a fluke! It's God, and He speaks to you! It is this voice of God the flows through everything and connects us all. It is this voice of God that works for the good of all.

If we are really serious about fixing the problems in our world, we need to stop coming up with answers based on the lies our heads/society have taught us. We need a new approach--a heart-centered approach, a God approach. We need to ask our God-connection for answers! We need to open our hearts to those words God speaks to us every day and follow that guidance. Only then will we be united. Only then will we able to begin to truly fix the world's problems. Only then will we indeed be One.   

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